Guide for choosing a DayZ standalone server hosting

What is a standalone server?

As the name suggests, the standalone server is the server that is not a part of any group. It runs alone; This server maintains its authentication and services. Standalone servers don’t, usually, provide network login services.

Standalone servers are an ideal choice for small networks.

Need for standalone server in DayZ

DayZ involves plenty of mechanisms moreover, it is the ultimate game to play. The approach in this game is very strategic. It’s a hardcore survival game, where one meets with different people playing together; a few of them can be friendly while some can shoot you directly. It is a game for adventure lovers.

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Since DayZ is a solo game, but the best of its relations comes by interacting with other players. It allows one to make friends and go on an adventure together. It also comes with the inclusion of voice chat. To avail of these services, one needs to play on servers.

For using a server, one has two options: community servers or official servers.

The utilities of both the servers depend upon one’s utility and expectations regarding the game. Both the servers have some sort of pros and cons, which will be discussed later; in the coming sections.

What to look for in a server?

Before getting a server system, one must look for some crucial points; this will ensure better and efficient services. Things that one must keep in mind are:

  • Proper research:

Whenever an individual or a small company plans to hire/rent a server hosting company, proper research is a must.

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With research, one comes to know about the availability of different server hosting companies; this also enables one to get the best service available within that specific budget. The indicated ensure quality services.

  • Server location:

Server location is a prime thing to look for. If the server is not close to them, the users may experience some kind of lag in the process.

  • Pricing should be just and fair:

Another main factor that one must look upon is the pricing. Budget is the prime hindrance when it comes to getting a server. The services vary upon different budgets and plans, and it should be seen that pricing is fair and just. The indicated will take care that one is getting excellent services for the price paid.

  • Good market goodwill:

Goodwill is an excellent judging parameter. With goodwill: one can judge the efficiency of the company.

Goodwill is based, on the experiences of previous customers and the trust build by them. It is an efficient way that can help in analyzing the market reputation of the server one is thinking to get.

  • Excellent customer support:

Problems never come by knocking on the door; there should be an efficient support system or customer support available. The indicated will ensure that one will get assistance the minute a problem arises.

This kind of customer support is needed by, individuals as well as companies. It is irrespective of the fact what the purpose is.

How to get the best standalone server for DayZ?

If an individual is thinking about how to choose DayZ standalone server hosting “EasyPC” then this section will have plenty of utility for them. Here we will discuss the points that one must keep in mind while choosing the right standalone server hosting for DayZ.

The points that one should remember are as follows:

  • Since the benefit of hosting varies to different-different plans and packs. One must choose a server that is capable to satisfy both the needs: budget as well as benefit needs. The selected plan by an individual should be perfect in both these parameters: for an excellent gaming experience.
  • The next thing that one should consider is the number of slots. The indicated depends on one’s need; it generally starts from 10 player slots besides, it may go up to 100 players. One must choose a server that provides the number of slots desired.
  • Then next, server location should be considered: for a smooth and trouble-free gaming experience. No matter how good one’s hardware is, but if the server is too far, there could be some lagging experienced.
  • An additional feature that shouldn’t get overlooked, is the RAM provided by the server.
  • Some best DayZ server hosting companies also provide free DDoS protection. The indicated is a great feature given by the companies to protect their user’s data.
  • If an individual is looking for mod support, then he/she should check with their server before paying for it; Since some service providers don’t support mod services in DayZ.
  • If one wants to improve his/her gaming experience to the maximum, one can also consider looking for dedicated IP and VIP support services.

What option to choose?

Apart from renting a server, one also has the liberty to host its server. What one chooses depends on the requirements and expectations of the system. They both have some or other benefits along with disadvantages that one must know before taking any decision regarding this.

The benefit of renting a server is, one doesn’t need to worry about the maintenance of the system. one can concentrate on the server experience, and if any trouble arises it gets assisted by the customer support team almost immediately. The only disadvantage that could be mentioned is that one has to pay a monthly fee to avail of the services.

On the other hand, when one hosts its server it is free. But this is the only advantage. Hosting a server brings a lot of work and maintenance. First of all, the system is needed to run 24/7, this will shorten the life of the system. Since the system is continuously running it will generate hefty electricity bills. Then, if one’s only goal is to play DayZ, then hosting a server could be hectic. Since it requires maintenance and it can consume a lot of player’s time.

Choosing the appropriate server option is necessary. However, how one’s gameplay is, gets dependent on the server system. Apart from gameplay, one’s experience is also dependent on the server chosen by them.

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