Highest Paying Jobs in Tennessee: Want to Earn $255k?

Everyone, whether it be a citizen or an immigrant, dreams of finding a good job in the USA. And this is obvious because the average salary in the country is $67,570 per year. Nevertheless, regional factors also have their role. Considering the income tax and the divergence in hourly rates in different states, there exists a large wage gap.

Below we will delve into the list of highest paying jobs in Tennessee. While conducting this research, we took into account salary size, demand in the labor market, and career prospects.

The Cornerstone of a Decent Profession

To find a balance between demand and wages, it is necessary to constantly monitor changes in the labor market. Specialists with an American higher education are paid 1.5-2 times better. Having a diploma is very important for building a prestigious career nowadays.

Every third employer decides not to conduct an interview. So, graduation from a prestigious university, a well-written resume, and a quality cover letter raise the applicant’s chances.

Perhaps, every successful career begins from writing a decent resume. Do not neglect to sacrifice some hours of your life to compose a cover letter and a curriculum vitae resume. In case you have any doubts or lack experience, addressing professionals from a cover letter writing service is a solution to all your problems. Remember that composing these documents is your dream job ticket!

Reading this article is the first step towards achieving your career goals. Study the following material, choose a position that suits you, and start making efforts to get the highest-paying job in Tennessee.


According to the US Department of Labor, physicians earn higher wages on average than white-collar workers. Even so, it takes a lot of years of study to become a doctor in the United States. To obtain a qualification, it is necessary to enter a university or medical school, successfully complete 4 courses, and get a bachelor’s degree, followed by 2 years of a master’s degree and passing an internship.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (April 2021), the most in-demand medicine branches in Tennessee include:

  • Psychiatrists (average salary – $206,880)
  • Surgeons ($204,560)
  • Family Medicine Physicians ($197,520)
  • Nurse Anesthetists ($174,550)
  • General Internal Medicine Physicians ($161,290)

Talking about the first position, it is worth noting that psychiatry in America is one of the most demanded areas of medicine. Visiting psychotherapists is considered the norm for an average citizen. Married couples, children, and everyone who needs psychological help address specialists. The doctor conducts up to 10 sessions per day, so the annual salary can reach even $230,000.


This is the highest paying profession outside of the medical field in the United States. Indeed, nowadays CEO positions in Tennessee are in high demand. Each company has from two to several dozen positions. 

The main task is to govern divisions and sections, including up to 200 managers. The CEO is responsible for almost everything, so the payment for his or her work is appropriate. The CEO receives approximately $151,960 a year, but the actual salary is much higher, especially in large companies.


Pharmacology is closely related to medicine. In the US it is impossible to purchase any drug without a doctor’s prescription. Moreover, the sale of medicaments is strictly regulated by law and the cost is much higher than in Europe. 

The average salary for a pharmacist is about $225,000. Though it often depends on the pharmaceutical company in which the employee works. Of course, if he or she is the owner, then the income is different.

Petroleum engineers

The main task of this specialist is to design and develop methods of oil and gas production and find new ways to extract resources from old wells. A specialist must master a lot of skills for successful work because most of the expeditions are aimed at finding new sources. The stations are located in the ocean, making the occupation extremely dangerous. 

A petroleum engineer earns $280,000, but, as a rule, the salary depends on experience and qualifications.

Pilots and Flight Engineers

In Tennessee commercial pilots annually earn more than $100,000 on average. The main requirement is to have good health and high-stress tolerance, the ability to make decisions quickly and show excellent concentration.

The flight engineer’s responsibility is the management of the technical equipment of the aircraft, control of the engine’s operation, and other equipment. These professions involve a very high level of emotional stress, thus they are highly appreciated.

Architectural and Engineering Managers

These specialists plan and coordinate technical activities in architectural and engineering projects. Negotiating with clients, preparing budgets, working in a team with various departments of the firm (marketers, technicians, etc.), developing standards for engineering and technical work – all these are regular tasks performed and the list is non-exhaustive.

The salary of these workers starts from $260,000 a year. 


This profession encompasses a wide range of specializations in the field. Lawyers can both draft laws and various regulations, and advise individuals, businesses, and government agencies on criminal or civil matters. They can work in court, prosecutor’s office, notary offices, and private companies monitoring the correctness of agreements and contracts, advising employees on the nuances of legislation, and so on.

The average annual salary is $102,050. Moreover, this profession is in demand in the United States now and will be for the next ten years at the very least.

Information System Managers

The information manager is the intermediary between technicians and management personnel. Among the most important skills are knowledge of information systems, databases; programming; business process modeling. This specialist solves business problems using various methods of analysis and design. Thus, the average salary of the representatives of this profession in Tennessee is approximately $116,120.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have considered the highest paying jobs in Tennessee with a special focus on various fields of activity. Of course, in any profession, you need to be a valuable specialist in order to achieve a decent income. This is especially true for highly competitive areas – medicine and business. 

Building a career requires not only consistent work, but also money and time investing: for training, exams, and licenses. For these investments to be justified, it is important to plan the career path step by step!

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