HMSR DA – The first ICS with digital Sigma Delta bitstream output

With the growing electrification of our world, the increase in energy demand is becoming a challenge. In this context, using the right amount of electricity, avoiding waste, and maximizing efficiency have become major global issues.

The R&D team at LEM, a world leader in electrical measurement for over 50 years, is constantly working on this challenge to provide reliable, stable, and accurate solutions to optimize systems and their energy consumption. 

Going along with the trend towards smaller, smarter, cheaper components, LEM has been building 15 years ASIC design know-how and developing a range of Integrated Current Sensors.

HMSR DA is the latest addition to this range. It is the first integrated current sensor with Sigma Delta Bitstream digital output that performs perfectly, even in the harshest environments.

HMSR DA – The ultimate integrated current sensor solution with digital output designed for harsh environments

LEM’s HMSR family has expanded, with the introduction of HMSR DA, the first integrated current sensor with a Sigma Delta Bitstream output. HMSR DA is capable of achieving an effective resolution of 13 bits, becoming one of the absolute references in low-noise current sensing while maintaining robustness and stability. 

HMSR DA has gone through the most extreme laboratory tests and demonstrated its ability to perform under the most extreme conditions, even in the case of important electrical noise. This performance was made possible thanks to a brand-new insulation concept that allows HMSR DA to remain stable and reliable in any condition. 

This unique robustness makes HMSR DA a major component in the field of electrical measurement for low currents.

The benefits of adopting HMSR DA to measure current

HMSR DA is not the first current sensor with digital output in the LEM product portfolio, but it is the first Integrated Current sensor with Sigma Delta bitstream output. It is in line with LEM’s philosophy of adapting to the needs of its customers.

A fundamental on-going trend is to offer ever smaller, smarter, cheaper components. LEM answers to this trend with its range of ICS. The great evolution is that the output signal of HMSR DA is now digital and not analog. The message transmitted can therefore be easily used by the system. The process of transmitting electrical current data is thus simplified and optimized in terms of number of components.

The benefits of choosing HMSR DA are multiple: 

  • Fewer components are required in the system to translate the signal into usable data for the system, making HMSR DA a solution that optimizes the cost and footprint of the system. 
  • High-quality and reliable digital bitstream signal sharing.
  • It is highly resistant to even the most extreme noise, thanks to the technology designed for the whole LEM HMSR range.

In what context should HMSR DA be used?

HMSR DA is optimal for solar inverters, small inverters and HVAC converters.

The main technical characteristics of HMSR DA are:

  • It replaces the shunt and digital isolator on its own, reducing production costs to measure electrical flow.
  • It is less cumbersome.
  • It features a Sigma Digital bitstream output with 10 MHz clock in or out.
  • It has a high resolution with an effective bit count (ENOB) of 11 to 13 bits.
  • It exists with different output modes: single CMOS, RS422 differential, LVDS.
  • It has a fast internal OCD of 2 µs.

Who is LEM?

For more than 50 years, LEM has been continuously building on its core business strengths to provide state-of-the-art electrical measurement solutions. 

LEM is constantly expanding its expertise and know-how in the areas of ASIC design, software development, project management, manufacturing, and calibration of electrical current measurement systems.

LEM has production facilities in Beijing (China), Geneva (Switzerland), Sofia (Bulgaria), Tokyo (Japan), and will soon open a new plant in Malaysia.

With its regional entities located close to its customers, LEM is able to offer seamless service around the world. LEM has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1986; its stock symbol is LEHN.

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