How Big Players Hire React Developers

Over the years, the struggle and competition to hire react developers who are talented has heated up. Start-ups are looking for fresh talents that can kickstart their ideas, while big companies are aggressively hiring react developers more than ever before. Here is why.

Since its release by Facebook in 2013, React has grown tremendously to be one of the most sought-after frontend frameworks for anyone looking to design edge-cutting projects.

Due to its flexibility and many other fantastic features, many big companies such as Facebook, Netflix, Uber, and others hire React developer to build their website and mobile applications.

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Recruiting Challenges Faced by Big Companies

Amidst high competition, big companies always have many open positions as they have a constant stream of complex development projects to handle. These companies face specific challenges when looking to hire a React developer that is qualified enough to fill these positions. Some of these challenges include:

  • High competition for highly professional talents from other giant brands.
  • Ever-increasing salary demands.
  • A limited population of developers with the precise skill set needed.

How Do Big Companies Hire React Developers?

Since large companies have larger needs and more React developers are becoming sought after, they have to stay ahead and employ various tactics to get the best talents. These tactics have their specific strategies and include:

1. The Internal HR Department

Through their HR department, large companies scout for talents for different tech roles so that it becomes easy to turn around suitable candidates quickly when the need arises.

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2. IT Hiring Partners

IT hiring partners are agencies committed to helping companies hire React programmer by sourcing, vetting, and submitting qualified candidates based on the job requirements given to them. These hiring partners offer a dedicated recruitment function and can help companies build strong teams that meet their project requirements. You can check here to see a list of IT hiring partners who offer quality services.

3. Project Outsourcing

This can be divided into two parts:

Through outsourcing agencies, companies can give out their entire React development project with specific scope and requirements to a trustworthy agency with a team of experts who have handled many React projects before. Big companies find this model time-saving and cost-effective as it only requires a one-time billing for the entire project.

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Another strategy of big companies is using Outstaffing agencies to hire dedicated React JS developer to join their in-house team for temporal tech support roles. You can check this article for a list of React Development agencies.

Where Do Big Companies Look For React Developers?

1. Freelance Job Portals

A common way to hire React JS developers is by going on popular freelancing sites. Big companies post their job listings with their requirements, and these are shown to a plethora of skilled freelancers. Examples of these platforms include:

2. GitHub Jobs

GitHub Jobs is a platform that is one of the largest code-hosting sites where tech talents come together to collaborate and assist each other on their respective projects.

This website provides a complete view of potential candidates’ educational backgrounds and experiences; this helps hiring clients to identify features that may affect their resolve on who to hire.

Prominent organizations such as Airbnb, Google, and PayPal are known to use GitHub for recruitment purposes.

3. Stack Overflow

Stack overflow aims to help companies find the best software developers among a vast pool of talents.

Big companies like Goldman Sachs and Microsoft use Stack overflow for hiring purposes. Other Job portals include Toptal, Upwork, Hired, PeoplePerHour, Dice, etc.

4. LinkedIn

Although it is a professional social media platform, LinkedIn also serves as an excellent job portal as it has a vast pool of quality talents. It has over 590 million registered users and more than 250 million active members from over 200 countries.

Thus, it is a go-to place for big brands looking to hire React developers across different skill sets, experience levels, and specialties. Other places where big companies meet skilled developers include Hackathons and Tech conferences.

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