How to Choose the Right Developer for Your Next Project

When looking to hire developers for your next project, the correct skill set will always be of utmost importance, but there are also many other factors to be weighed before making a decision.

A resume is an obvious and smart place to start, but with the world moving so fast in the technical space, there are a number of other ways to seek the right fit with a developer. There are many online websites and services to help match you with the right developer.

Finding a Developer through Online Search

There are a number of very common websites to look for talent, but others may not be so obvious.

Let’s start with one of the most well-known professional spaces that are online currently and that is called LinkedIn. Looking for a proper developer on LinkedIn begins with searching for what you need. Let’s say you need a Java developer in your local area.

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You can begin by searching the combination filter of your location and Java. This will limit your search to localized developer candidates.

Aside from Java programming, there are many search filters you can use, such as; Staffing and Recruiting, web development company atlanta, Internet, Computer Games, and Information to name a few.

These categories will help you narrow the field in which you need to search. By playing with the filters to narrow your search, finding the best talent in your area is more likely.

Don’t just look at LinkedIn and consider your search complete.

There are a number of other platforms that can help find the perfect candidate as well. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and more are now active job boards filled with recruiters looking to place worthy candidates to the right projects.

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Over 30% of searches in Google are for job employment and this means a lot of people are actively seeking the right project with the correct skillset.

Facebook not only is offering a marketplace, business pages, and other offerings currently, it is a wide-open space for finding potential developers for your project.

For a small business, Facebook has become one of the most powerful tools on the market, because Facebook is an inexpensive way of recruiting talent. Post your open position and needs on your company’s Facebook page and use the customization options to gain maximum benefit.

Scour the relevant group pages and find many programmer pages with many willing workers actively looking for projects. 

If the programmer groups don’t lead to finding a developer, placing an ad on Facebook is an inexpensive way of promoting your needs and getting the workout.

You can pick who you target the ad with for maximum exposure. Be certain to ask employees, friends, and family, to post your developer needs and wants to their personal walls and business walls as well, to help spread the word.

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Twitter is not only a place to view politics but has also become a powerful job board in today’s world. In order to seek potential developers the use of hashtags is a powerful search tool.

You can post jobs on Twitter in a great many ways. You can post serious and direct offerings or make things a bit more fun, to help attract the attention of the Twitter community. Be sure to encourage other employees, friends, or family to also post your developer needs and wants to their wall.

Traditional social media platforms are great for finding talent if you’re not in a rush, but what if you’re pressed for time? High5 is the first and only global total talent experience platform.

They match employers with high-quality talent from around the world in fewer than 3 days, while other platforms typically average over 1 week. Hiring developers through High5 come at a cost, but their expertise and results speak for themselves. 

What Questions To Ask

Ok, so now a few candidates have been found. Let’s say the next project is a WordPress website that is needing to be built. For WordPress, there are certain questions you will want to ask, but also some questions you can ask all developers.

Has the developer working on a project similar to the one currently being presented? If so, which parts are familiar, and what parts are new territory for the developer. What kind of research process does the developer intend to undertake before getting started on the project, if so, what are some of the research goals and objectives.

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What is the approximate timeline a project of this magnitude generally takes? One month, six months, or longer? What services are provided and which services does the developer provide.

Developers come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes a developer is a genius in one aspect and won’t work on other aspects, and it’s important to get this squared away.

Make certain, before looking for a developer, that the final goal is understood. Be sure to let the developer know these very specific goals in the project. If you only want to work with the developer directly and not have the developer outsource the work, make sure to ask if the developer plans on outsourcing anything.


Developers bill clients in a great many ways and it’s important to understand the payment expectations. Does the developer charge a fixed rate? If so, when will payments be needed?

Does the developer work on an hourly basis? If so, in what intervals does the developer expect to be paid? Some developers set milestones and charge at this time. Developers charge in many different ways, so it is a good idea to have a full understanding of their payment process.

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