Best Software for eSports Arenas and Internet Cafes

Everyone looking for interesting ideas on earning money may consider starting an Internet cafe business. It can be highly profitable because many people need to use fast Internet and quality equipment.

Such a business also has great potential because owners can organize various eSports tournaments, offer additional services, such as scanning, and sell coffee. When creating a business plan, include costs for high-quality Internet cafe software.

It is an essential tool that will help keep everything organized. Senet developed by Enestech may be the right choice for you. Find out detailed info on this software product.

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Why Do You Need to Use Special Software?

There will be lots of things to keep your eye on when managing a cyber cafe business. It is not only important to have quick access to reliable info on equipment, staff, payments but also know statistics on uses and more.

This will allow making smart financial and management decisions. As an owner of such a café, you want to focus on finding and implementing various Internet cafe business ideas without having to experience hassle due to managing day-to-day processes.

Moreover, high-quality software will allow monitoring important info and processes from any place. 

Why Choose Senet?

This gaming cafe software has been specially designed for this type of business. It allows automating reporting, getting control over the café and employees, setting timers, increasing sales, organizing tournaments, and more.

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The company has 100 employees, and they keep improving the software. Today, Senet is successfully used by businesses all over the world. Check on the main reasons to opt for it.

A Large Range of Features

There are plenty of helpful Senet software features. They come in three main categories, including:

  • Features for owners. They can access detailed statistics, financial info, cash register, and other aspects.
  • Features for employees. Staff can have everything needed for their work, including a PC map, public keys, and more.
  • Features for users. Customers of this café can reserve places, make online payments, and do other actions.  

Different Pricing Plans

There are three pricing plans:

  • Base
  • Business
  • Premium 

This allows business owners to pick a perfect option based on their budget. Moreover, there is also a free trial version that you can use just to test the program before the purchase.

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Excellent Customer Support

The support team of the company is available for customers around the clock. Wherever you have questions regarding the use of Internet cafe management software, you can reach the staff of the development company without problems.

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