PUBG Cheats | Killer Aimbot | ESP Wallhack 2021

PUBG is a popular battle royale for players who know a lot about tactics and marksmanship. But do not forget to use cheats to not only be the best but also to confront other players with cheats. A game that strongly depends on the equipment and skill of combat. The game is full of various subtleties, so you should be careful and try to use all your capabilities effectively.

Cheaters are always there and will be, this article does not call for playing with cheats, but informs those who have already decided that they will play with them so that they are careful when choosing.

There are two types of cheats for Playerunknown’s battlegrounds – a private hack for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and free pubg cheats (public, which can be downloaded and run for free). But there is a significant difference between them, let’s look at it in more detail.

Private cheats on PUBG

As the name already implies, private pubg hacks can mainly be bought or downloaded from hidden sections of thematic sites. They are also most often tied to one computer so that they cannot be transferred to another player.


  • Technical support – you will receive advice from the developers, on the launch and the solution of any problems, if you have any
  • Automatic update – every time you start the cheat will check for a new version to minimize the possibility of getting banned
  • Improved functionality – unique functions can be added to the cheat that is not available in the public, for example, speedhack, remove recoil, remove scatter, etc.
  • Protection from the ban – some developers of private cheats for playerunknown’s battlegrounds give a guarantee


  • Price – you need to buy a cheat for real money

Cheats for PUBG for free

You can find them on thematic sites, and download the playerunknown’s battlegrounds cheat for free. But no one will give you a guarantee that they will work or you will not get banned.


  • Free – you can download it for free, and do not pay money for it
  • Functions – there may be several functions, for example, ESP, VX


  • Technical support – no one can help you solve the problem of why the hack does not work or does not start.
  • Update – you need to track the cheat updates yourself, so as not to get banned.
  • Functions – the minimum number of functions, usually it is 1-2 pcs
  • Ban – no one will give you a guarantee that you will not get a ban

The most common functions that can be found in cheats for PUBG are:

  • ESP-improved VX, highlighting players in different colors (blue, red, yellow)
  • Wallhack-the ability to see players behind objects (houses, trees, etc.)
  • Speedhack-accelerates your movement speed in the game
  • Aim – automatically points your weapon at the opponent, and can automatically make a shot


If you want to play Pubg with cheats, the choice is yours to play with. But if you choose not private, then beware of viruses on your computer. We wish you a pleasant game and a great mood!

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