How to Attack and Defend Effectively in FIFA 23 to Get Results

FIFA 23 is a new version of the iconic football simulation, where players face off against each other in divisional levels and iconic tournaments to reveal the strongest squads and working strategies to win.

In matters of victories and defeats, the composition and strength of football players plays an important, but not decisive, role – there are many cases in tournaments and during competitions where a player who is weaker in terms of performers defeats a stronger and more eminent opponent.

A line-up of strong players makes it possible to make more mistakes and speed and skill to correct them – we will talk about this in the defensive scenario of the game, but you can strengthen your players with the help of the FIFA Coins service, where you buy the right amount of coins to buy strong players for a good start.

Attack in football

Attacking in football is easier than defending, because when attacking, you have more tools to control the situation and move towards the enemy goal, and often these actions do not bring free kicks and cards for violations, unlike defense.

Ways to attack and advance towards enemy gates:

  • Pass game
  • Sheds
  • Wing play
  • long shots

Pass game

The game of passing involves the exchange of the ball between players to move towards the enemy goal.

Players in the center of the field pass each other in a triangle shape and move forward, exchanging with the forward if the situation allows and playing back to the defenders in the event of a complete blocking of the advance by the opposing team.

This tactic was often used by Barcelona under Pep Guardiola. Passing allows you to constantly control the ball and even if you don’t score balls every 10 minutes of playing time, you deprive the enemy of this opportunity as well – the main condition is not to play in passes to the goalkeeper and defenders, since you can get a quick spurt from the forward of the opponents and offensive goal.


Sheds should be regarded as a factor that allows you to keep the ball under strong pressure and the ability to carry out a quick attack in the case when the opponent has concentrated all the defenders from one flank, and a quick transfer will allow you to take the ball to an active player on the adjacent flank and quickly close the attack with a scoring chance.

In the case when there is no possibility of attack, you can save the ball by simply moving it to the other flank and continuing the passing technique.

Wing play

Playing on the flanks allows you to stretch the defense and is similar to the action of the cavalry in a game of chess – you should always consider flank players when playing defense and have fast flank defenders and midfielders in your lineup for attacking tasks.

The reason for this is simple – you impose your fast style of play on the opponent, which you need to react to and do it as carefully as possible – any attempt to stop a player close to the goal can lead to knocking the ball out or a corner, receiving a yellow or even a red card. Knocking out or a corner, although it pulls all the players together and equalizes the attackers and defenders, but being close to the goal does not forgive mistakes. Heading can play a fatal role in a missed ball.

Long shots

Long shots are not really a way to carry out an attack, but are considered a way to finish it, when the bet is on luck and there is no other way out but to lose the ball, or try as sports commentators say “Check the goalkeeper” – if there is a chance to score a goal – why not?

Defense in football

All players have to defend themselves in football, but this does not happen in all match scenarios.

Never go defensive for no apparent reason. Score an early goal and play defensively is a losing option – you risk losing the initiative and conceding many more goals than you could potentially score yourself in the same period of time.

Ways to play defense:

  • Restructuring players in a defensive strategy
  • Counterattack game

Restructuring players in a defensive strategy

There are two such strategies:

  • 5-3-2 – emphasis on defense, as a tool of the last defense. With the right application and withdrawal of midfielders, the enemy will only have long-range shots.
  • 5-4-1 – A full-fledged defense, where the whole team is on defense. The forward plays on the defensive, but is always ready to go on the counterattack, because it depends on him whether the team wins even with a minimal margin, or defends to a draw or defeat.

Counterattack game

Playing on counterattacks is the main advantage and the only way out in the game from defense.

It is often used against teams that are a cut above in strength and there is no chance of replaying, or running into their part of the field simply according to the capabilities of the players themselves.

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