How to Make Money in 2024, Top Best Ideas from Lado Okhotnikov

Imagine that you want to start your own business. You don’t want to invest a lot of money and want to work from home. What will you do? It is difficult for a beginner to answer this question and this is quite logical. Lack of experience does not allow you to determine a niche in which you can make money without risk. Therefore, let’s consider which tools and platforms are worth spending your time in and which are not.

Everyone dreams of entering Amazon but what’s next?

In 2021 there were approximately 6 million sellers registered on the Amazon platform. By 2023 this number has doubled. Such growth of the sellers’ number indicates the dynamic development of e-commerce and increased competition in the market.


Among the most popular America’s marketplaces Amazon is the undisputed leader – eBay, Apple and Walmart are far behind.

Despite the growth, detailed analysis shows that no more than 1.5 million sellers were actually actively trading during this period. And by the end of 2023, this figure had increased by only a quarter.

  • It is notable that statistics focused solely on the American marketplace indicated different results, namely a decrease in the number of new registered users.

From October 2018 to December 2020, on average, about 17 thousand new users joined the platform per month. These new users were not only unique, but also active, which means they represented real competition.

The figures show that the problem of competition is not always as obvious as it may seem. But this does not mean that you will have no competitors at all. In any place where there is an opportunity to make money, you will be faced with a struggle for a place in the sun.

Difficulties that are not seen on the charts

Let’s look at the percentage of successful sellers who actually make money from selling on Amazon. This is the percentage of those who are truly successful in this matter. It should be noted that the statistics only take into account those who have achieved significant profits. However, the data does not include people who earn at least something.

  • About 84% of sellers at least make some profit from their sales.

If we are guided by the same volume of active users as in the beginning – 1.9 million, then it turns out that approximately 1.6 million regularly sell some product. If so many people are successfully making money, why don’t you become one of them?

Let’s look at the statistics:

  • 12% of entrepreneurs sell for 5-10 thousand dollars per month which is approximately from 60 to 120 thousand dollars per year.
  • 16% sell goods worth 10-25 thousand per month which amounts to 120-300 thousand dollars annually.
  • 5% receive revenue in the range from 100 to 250 thousand every month. In total, by the end of the year the turnover is approximately $3 million.

Understanding broad statistics is important but for maximum effectiveness a more in-depth analysis is required, focused on the unique aspects of the chosen business and the goals being pursued. Therefore, if you do not have your own manufacturing, you do not know where to buy goods cheaper and there is no logistics — clearly, this is not your niche.

Meta-revolution in network marketing from Meta Force by Lado Okhotnikov

Next year promises to be a turning point for the world of virtual reality, and Lado Okhotnikov’s Meta Force is at the head of this meta-revolution. Unlike other online earning programs, the company offers not just a virtual experience but the opportunity to earn real money.

  • Lado Okhotnikov, inspired by a passion for innovation, created Meta Force to change the face of network marketing and provide a unique opportunity for anyone looking for not just a virtual experience, but also a real way to make money.

One of the key differences of Meta Force is the creation of a Metaverse in which participants can not only interact with the virtual world, but also build their business, communicate and do what they love without leaving the ecosystem.

Lado Okhotnikov emphasizes that Meta Force does not just offer an earning program, but creates a full-fledged virtual society where participants can realize their ideas, develop and receive real money for it. Opportunities include creating virtual businesses, trading NFT virtual assets, and even developing new virtual products.

We aim to change the perception about virtual reality. Meta Force is not just a game or a hobby – it is a new way of life, where everyone can find their place and achieve success without leaving home,” notes Lado Okhotnikov.

This proposal has already attracted interest from a wide audience who are in love with the idea of cryptocurrency as a decentralized instrument. Meta Force is raising the bar and betting that 2024 will usher in a new era that will offer participants not just total immersion, but also greater opportunities for personal and professional development.

Tactile Goods & Tactile Loyalty, Mana, Game Zone — a lot of discoveries are ahead

Meta Force has recently launched Marketplace. Now you can buy and sell unique digital tokens, participate in exciting NFT auctions, exchange assets using SWAP, and use exclusive financial tools of the Meta Force ecosystem.

In the coming updates, it will be possible to pay with the MFS token, trade through an internal wallet, view history and much more!

However, the most interesting thing is ahead – everyone knows that with the development of virtual worlds, the cost of “virtual land” increases significantly! Take the famous game Decentraland. The project’s capitalization has grown more than 100 times since its launch.


The same will happen to MANA assets in the Metaverse. The growth of Meta Force will increase the cost of MANA significantly. This is an investment in the digital real estate of the future which will pay for itself more than once.

Separately, I would like to mention the Boost program with its gaming zones inside the Metaverse, which will have its own unique rules. Here you can immerse yourself in exciting adventures, try your luck in extreme conditions and experience vivid emotions.

Although it is virtual, the sensations are as realistic as possible. Access to Boost zones is provided through a special affiliate program. It will allow you to promote your business in the Metaverse to new frontiers.

Affiliate marketing — traffic arbitrage

Affiliate marketing is quite broad, and one of its areas is selling traffic. That is, people create advertising campaigns with the goal of acquiring traffic on a certain site and directing it to where it is needed. After this, users begin to perform actions for which the traffic manager receives payment. If everything is organized correctly, then the payment for these actions exceeds the costs. However, everything is not so simple.

When redirecting traffic, it is necessary to clearly understand not only the potential advantages, but also the real disadvantages of this activity. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Getting started with arbitrage is difficult, especially if you are a beginner. Training requires time and effort, and most importantly, money.

  • Work in arbitration often takes place remotely, which can be difficult for those who are used to live communication. Independence and discipline become key qualities.

  • Just like in any business, arbitration is associated with financial risks. Unsuccessful campaigns lead to losses, especially in the initial stages.

  • The results are not always positive. There are times when campaigns do not pay off, and you have to work at a loss.

  • Arbitrage requires a willingness to constantly change and adapt to new trends. Stability is not about this area.

However, for those who choose to overcome all this, arbitrage can be a unique opportunity to achieve financial success and personal development. It is important to assess your strengths in advance and decide how ready you are to work in this dynamic and demanding field.

Your path to success starts with your money

You’ve already mastered the basics of traffic redirection, you know where to click in your advertising account, and you’ve even found the perfect offer. Now is the time to invest your money in testing.

Every dollar spent will ask you the question: “Where are you taking me, huh?” Forgot to mark up the link correctly and lost money? No problem, this is a lesson that will not be repeated.

You recalculate costs on a calculator, sometimes you even rejoice at the positive savings. But remember, success requires more than just pasting links. You must organize them through a tracker, do the linking correctly, and collect statistics in one place.

Therefore, if you still do not understand what Herculean efforts in affiliate marketing will be required of you, then it is better not to consider this niche at all.


Selling goods on marketplaces is a good way to start making money. With a computer and Internet access you can select products, conduct market analysis and put them up for sale. However, this path requires careful management of logistics, pricing and social media promotion.

On the other hand, traffic arbitrage provides a chance to earn much more. However, this activity requires skills in setting up advertising, handling cabinets and analyzing data. You can’t handle this alone and joining a team is quite difficult.

Compared to this, network marketing is relatively easy to understand and makes just as much money. This method does not require large start-up capital as is the case with marketplaces and you do not need to spend money on advertising, without which, for example, arbitrage will not work. All success in network marketing comes down to one thing – the ability to effectively present the product.

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