How to Recover Data and Photos from your Device with Software Once They are Deleted?

We all may have faced a troublesome phase when we deleted an important photo or data from the PC or phone and never knew how to recover that?

Not knowing the trick is common. But it’s not impossible. There are software and apps that can help you with the complete recovery once you have deleted it. What if you had the one-point-solution key towards recovery any kind of data?

Here we will discuss about the features and working process of the software and apps for recovery of data, especially photos.

Types of data loss recovery with software:

If you have accidentally some of your precious photos or data, you are likely to get worried. If you have the right software, you can easily recover all lost data, video or photo, from any type of scenario related to loss of data. Common cases or scenario observed for data loss recovery are-

  • Recovery from accidentally-lost data
  • Recovery from partition
  • Recovery from files that have been formatted
  • Recovery of media files from a storage drive
  • Emergency recovery of data

Features of a Recovery software for all types of data:

When you get a software for all-inclusive data recovery, they come with advanced features that helps in faster recovery of all data. The common features that play a vital role in the recovery are-

  • Advanced thorough scanning of the data and device algorithm
  • Data recovery from results of the search while the scanning is still running
  • Easy import or export sessions for bigger drives that take longer duration to scan
  • Ability to pause, resume or initiate the scan at your suitable time
  • Customized scheduled for recovery of your data
  • File-specific filtration while scanning
  • Tagging files  to process a faster and smoother recovery and scanning
  • Preview features to check the quality of the files expected to be recovered, i.e., to know if the same is recoverable or not.
  • Photo or video repairing  features for JPEG, MP4 or MOV  Camera files from damaged or corrupted files

What makes recovery software so great?

Of course, free data recovery software is more in demand than payable options. But there is more to it than just being free software.

It can be a simple software to be used but developing that can be quite complex. If you have great software, you are likely to experience smoother and safer recovery. Some points make this software great are-

  • Light and Safe:

The software will take a device space of about 40MB only. In fact, it can be declared a safe mode because it’s free of plug-ins and risk factors while setting-up. Above everything, while you set-up the software in your system, it never overwrites any data on the disk that has been lost.

  • Easy setup:

If you are using a modern interface like Windows Explorer, the data recovery can be achieved in simple 3-steps-

  1. Select the device
  2. Scan the device
  3. Recover the data lost from the search result
  • Trust factor:

Look out for software that is widely in use in the world. There are many such options. People often need data recovery increasing the demand for such software. In fact, a good one will come in different languages. Now more people can understand it. Naturally, the trust factor is high.

What can you recover with recovery applications and software?

Are you using a recovering application or software? Here is the list of all the data you can recover with this-

  1. Documents
  2. Graphics
  3. Photos
  4. Videos
  5. E-mails
  6. Audio Files
  7. Any other files in your system

All these can be recovered no matter what format they were saved in your PC before.

Top 5 data recovery software or application:

We consider software on the top of the chart for recovery of data only when they have yielded high satisfaction to the users worldwide. The top 5 currently ruling the market are-

  1. The free EaseUS Recovery Wizard
  2. Stellar Phoenix
  3. Android Users’ favorite – EaseUSMobiSaver
  4. iOS lovers’ favorite – EaseUSMobiSaver
  5. DiskDigger – a cross-platform software

As we can observe EaseUS is ruling the market for PC, Androids, and even for iOS interphase. What are the special features of these apps and software? Photo recovery is ideally one of the biggest tasks they perform. That is what makes them important.

Essential features of EaseUS Recovery software and applications:

  • Support different formats of images including the RAW versions
  • Supports every possible brand of memory card, digital camera, GoPro, pen-drive, etc.
  • More than 1000 formats of files are supported
  • You can recover photos and data even after deletion, formatting, exhaustion of device power, etc.

How does a data recovery application or software work?

As mentioned before, a good application or software requires only 3 successful steps to get the recovery work done-

  1. Choose a device location from which you lost the data accidentally and start scanning the folder.
  2. From the list of lost data select the ones that were accidentally deleted and need recovery.
  3. Click on the pop-up option for “Recover” and select a location in your device on a hard drive for saving the data that you recover now.


We have discussed the top software and applications for the recovery of data. Before you download or get a software, check the device and get the application or software. The software you choose is dependent on your device and its compatibility.

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