Install Delta Emulator App with TopStore [Step by Step]

To feed your gaming crave, Delta Emulator has been one of the choice that we recommend. We honestly think that it can support almost all device emulation that you will be looking at. It does cover a lot of devices emulation such as NES, SNES, N64, GBC, GBA, and DS emulation. You can find up this software from varied range of app providers, which we will look into in this article soon.

The software is not developed by the company, but by third-party developers. So, if you have any queries relating the same, you must give feedback to these developers. The application is currently not available on the traditional app store. Ensure to check out all the features that the Delta Emulator provides.

Features of Delta Emulator

With a great supporting system, Delta Emulator provides a wide range of features.

  • Unlimited gaming: You have a wide range of support that the emulator provides. So, look at them, explore more for fun and exclusively play unlimited games.
  • No Registration: You do not have to register or login into the software. You can start using it directly without any hassle.
  • Sync: You can sync the data from Delta Emulator onto your iCloud services to continue games from where you left.
  • Controller support: If you attach a controller to the Delta Emulator, then you can enjoy it with all the traditional fun that you want to have.
  • Supports Native frameworks: The application supports varied range of frameworks that will allow you to signify you presence within the emulator.

Wasn’t it fun reading about all the features the application provides us with? It is time to know how you can download Delta Emulator on your iOS device.

How to Download Delta Emulator on iOS device with TopStore?

You cannot directly download Delta Emulator on iOS device, you have to download it using third-party App store.

  • Go to your device settings and enable downloads from unknown sources.
  • Now go to your browser and search for TopStore. Once the website open navigate to the download button, and Download Topstore App.
  • Now, click on download button to initiate installation. Install the application to begin with.
  • Once the application is installed, go to Settings > General and change the profile of TopStore to ‘trusted’.
  • Open the TopStore and on the search button at top, search ‘Delta Emulator’. Now, click on ‘Get’ to start installation.
  • Once Delta Emulator is installed go to Settings > General and change the profile of Delta Emulator to ‘trusted’.
  • You can now start using Delta Emulator.

Wasn’t it easy to install Delta Emulator on your iOS device using TopStore? Let’s see how we can use it.

How to use Delta Emulator on iOS device?

Latest Delta Emulator just provides an emulation environment to all the users to enjoy Nintendo and other gaming devices that are not easily found. To bring back the memories that we all had with the gaming consoles, Delta Emulator provides a wide-range of options.

You can directly start using the intend console from Delta Emulator application and enjoy it. Just ensure that you have a steady internet connect. You are now good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it safe to use Delta Emulator on iOS device?

Yes, it is totally safe to use Delta Emulator on iOS device. The software enables your option to emulate various gaming console in your iOS device.

  • Do I need to jail break my device to download Delta Emulator on iOS device using TopStore?

No, you do not have to jail break your device. You can directly download TopStore from its official website. Now, using TopStore, you can download Delta Emulator. Ensure to follow our guide to know more.

  • Delta Emulator is crashing on iOS device.

If the Delta emulator persists to crash again and again, then simply reboot your device. If still the problem remains, then re-install the application.


So, are you enjoying using Delta Emulator? We hope our guide helped you installing and using Delta Emulator on your iOS device. If you have any queries, please comment below. We are here to help you. Make sure to share your feedback, so we will enjoy your giving you more amazing content.

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