Know About the Residential Static Proxies Services

In today’s digital world, accessing information from far and wide is a must, but at the same time, is it safe? Also, at times, there are instances where you fail to access a website based on your geographical location. While most of you must have faced this situation, do you know that there is a simple solution that can help you a great deal? Well, if not, then today, here we are going to discuss the same, which is the Residential Static Proxy Service.

So, what is it, and what are the features of this service that have made it so famous? If you also wish to know about the same, keep reading.

What Are Residential Proxies?

Residential Proxies act as the bridge between the user and the server where the IP address of the users is masked, allowing better security and safety of the information. It allows the users to access the website without actually revealing their true identity. Also, it allows the users to select any specific variable like country, city, or mobile carrier and surf the internet in real time without any hassle. 

Now, when it comes to the types of proxies, there are two. One is known as the static proxy, while the other is a rotational proxy. In the rotation residential proxies, the address of the client is changed every time a new request is made. On the other hand, when you use residential static proxies, you will always be allotted to the same IP address, irrespective of the number of requests that you have made. 

One such residential static proxy service is provided by Changemyip, a pioneer in the field known for its reliability and speed. So, before we dive into the features of the same, let us first explore the workings of the residential proxies. 

Understand The Working Of Residential Proxies

When you use residential proxies, your IP address is masked, and all the internet traffic is diverted through an internet server. These mediators allow you to stay anonymous while surfing the next and looking for the content you need. When your address is masked, the server will select an IP address from the pool of addresses and then forward your request to the targeted website. Once the request is received, the information sought is shared with the users, allowing them to quickly get any information they need.

Now that you know about the residential static proxies and how they work, let us quickly look at one of the most reliable service providers. 

About Changemyip

In a time where autonomy and security online go hand in hand, Changemyip stands to be a pioneer with multiple benefits. Being one of the leading providers of residential proxy services, it offers its support to businesses and individuals. 

The company stands as the epitome of commitment to enhancing its online presence by offering cutting-edge solutions and services. With a range of products offered, it allows its users to use digital platforms and navigate through this complex landscape with simplicity and ease. 

To ensure that all the customers gain the best experience, collaborates with some of the industry’s leading residential networks. Their IP addresses are announced on prominent networks, including AT&T, Verizon, Segna Technologies, Trinity Telecom, ZyNOX IT Group, Comcast, Spectrum, and many more.

The range of products that are offered includes the following: 

1. Datacenter Products:

  • Static IP Datacenter Dedicated HTTP Proxy
  • Static IP Datacenter Shared HTTP Proxy
  • Static IP Datacenter Dedicated SOCKS5 Proxy
  • Static IP Datacenter Shared SOCKS5 Proxy
  • Static IP Datacenter Dedicated ShadowSocks
  • Static IP Datacenter Wireguard VPN

2. Residential Products:

  • Static IP Residential Dedicated HTTP Proxy
  • Static IP Residential Dedicated SOCKS5 Proxy
  • Static IP Residential Dedicated ShadowSocks
  • Static IP Residential Wireguard VPN
  • Static IP DNS Proxy

But what makes this platform really unique is its features. So, let us dive in to find the top features of this company.

Features Of Changemyip

When it comes to USPs, the company stands out to be supreme based on the features that are described below:

1. Full Anonymity

When you use the proxies or SOCKS from this platform, you get the benefit of browsing by hiding your IP address completely. In such a scenario, all your traffic appears to come from the platform’s server rather than your computer, making you perfectly anonymous.

2. Amazing Speed

When you use proxies or SOCKS, the browsing speed usually reduces, but not here. All the servers of this platform are optimized in such a way that you will get a blazing-fast speed with the help of 1Gb/s network ports. In fact, you won’t find any difference or lagging at all. The highly tuned and managed servers allow you to gain the ultimate performance experience.

3. Affordable Pricing

Using these services is really affordable. While most of the companies offer their services at quite a hefty price, you will be able to gain all the benefits at quite a reasonable. Price. In fact, the price for 1 unit of dedicated proxy is just $1.80, and the shared proxy is just $1.00. However, due to such a minimal amount, there is a minimal order restriction of $10, which is still pretty low.

4. Multiple Payment Options

No matter where you are, you can still use the services of Changemyip due to their diverse payment options. Right from Paypal to all the major credit cards, the company accepts all modes of payment, making it easier for users to avail of the services.

5. Customization

With the Changemyip, you get the facility of customization as well. You can not only select your proxy or SOCKS but are also allowed to select your proxies by city, state, and country. With the custom location, it is always easier to access the content. 

6. Quick Time

In the fast-moving world, every user looks for a service that can be available in just a click and in no time. Well, you get it here. Any product that you buy from Changemyip is activated instantly. 

7. Easy Authentication

To use the proxies, you need to authenticate yourself first. With this platform, you get the facility to access multiple authentication routes like username/password or IP-based authentication.

8. Compatibility

Their proxies are versatile, working seamlessly with any app or browser that supports proxy connections. They are suitable for a myriad of tasks, including SEO, scraping, data harvesting, and more.

9. Global Accessibility

Are you worried about the location? Well, say no more because, with Changemyip, you would be able to have access to multiple locations globally.

10. Easy Refresh

Sometimes, you might feel the speed is a bit slow or need to refresh the proxy. With Changemyip, you can easily refresh the proxies on your own once every month using the user panel.

11. Automation

Once you have purchased the proxy from this platform, you won’t be required to wait for the confirmation or admin support to get it activated. In fact, in just 10 minutes of purchase, you get the proxy activated and are ready to use it. 

12. Support

A prime factor that makes any service unique and beneficial is its support system. With 24*7 customer support, you can get all your questions answered in no time. You get the opportunity to connect the support via support/forum/contact.  

13. Money Back Guarantee

A mishap can happen anytime, even when you are using the proxy server from one of the top service providers. With the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can get your fees refunded. The refund is valid only when you have not used the service due to some bug or have found the service to be slow/bad. 

14. Technical Support

Boasting a seasoned technical team with numerous years in the networking industry, confidently assures its users of unparalleled, expert technical support whenever it’s required, ensuring seamless proxy experience and prompt issue resolution.

Now, you know all the prime features that come with the residential static proxy services from Changemyip. So, are there policies or restrictions that a user should be aware of? Well, let us have a quick look here.

Refund Policy 

Customer satisfaction is paramount. If users find any discrepancies within the first 24 hours of their purchase, they can contact the support team. will work diligently to resolve the issue, replace the proxy, or offer a refund.


In using Changemyip Service, you commit to adhering strictly to legal and ethical standards. You are bound not to exploit the Service for illegal activities or in ways contrary to our stipulated guidelines. Additionally, note that our proxies restrict access to torrents and


In this era of technological advancements, the demand for reliable proxy services has significantly increased. Changemyip has emerged as a trusted choice for many, owing to its diverse offerings and uncompromised performance. 

Additionally, Changemyip’s reseller program provides an outstanding opportunity for those seeking an entrepreneurial venture. Individuals or businesses can tap into a thriving market and benefit from competitive rates by partnering with them. By ensuring anonymity, speed, affordability, and support, Changemyip undoubtedly positions itself as a leader in the proxy service industry. 

Whether you’re an end-user or an aspiring reseller, their offerings are worth exploring. Always remember, while the information provided is valuable, ensure your content remains unique to your platform.

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