Lingopie App Review: Can You Learn A Language By Watching TV?

For the past few years, an increasing number of people have been talking about Lingopie. If you have never heard of the app before, Lingopie is essentially a language learning platform that teaches you languages using… TV series. That may sound strange at first, but in reality it is a technique many bilingual people have used for the past few decades.

The concept is simple. Instead of learning endless vocab lists and obsessing over conjugating verbs, you watch people actually speak the language. This way, you get an intuitive understanding of the flow of conversation in the language. You learn words and grammar without having to cram them into your head. Ask many an ESL speaker and they will tell you how much language they gained by watching American sitcoms.

The question, however, is what makes Lingopie different? Is it worth the subscription fee, or should you just watch some of the series available on any other streaming platform?

To help you make the decision, here is our experience of Lingopie.


Lingopie offers thousands of series in multiple languages. Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, and other languages are currently available. But what features does it offer to help you learn the language?

Interactive subtitles: this is the most important feature, considering it allows you to engage with the language while watching a show. The interactive subtitles give you insight into the sentence currently on screen. You can have subtitles in both your language and the native language on screen at the same time. The subtitles work very effectively, facilitating the following feature.

Flashcards: Lingopie creates quizzes and flashcards based on all the subtitles you have interacted with along with everything you have watched. It also tracks your progress, giving you insight into what you have learned.

Smart filters: another feature which is particularly useful is the smart filters that make it easy to search the Lingopie catalog. Instead of simply dividing the shows into different languages, you can choose the region where the language is spoken as well. Considering that many of these languages are spoken around the world in different ways, this makes the learning far more practical. You can, for example, differentiate between shows with different Spanish dialects.

Playback speeds: changing the playback speed is useful for beginners, although you will want to get back to the original speed as soon as possible. If you do start on a slower speed, you will feel extremely accomplished when you realize you’re able to understand at full speed.


Lingopie has two different pricing plans – individual and family. You can also choose whether to pay on a monthly or annual basis. Paying annually is significantly cheaper, but you will have to have cash available upfront.

The individual annual plan costs just $65. If you pay on a monthly basis, it costs $12 per month.

The family plan costs $99.

Lingopie is more affordable than most streaming services and most premium language learning apps. Providing both entertainment and education, the pricing is incredibly reasonable. You can try a 7-day free trial if you are not ready to commit to a paid plan.


Lingopie has great features, a lot of content, and a good price. But is it easy to use? Who will benefit from it?

Our experience with Lingopie demonstrated excellent usability. In addition to everything running as promised, it is easy to figure out and keep track of what you are watching. There are also shows available for people with different preferences and of different ages. If you love telenovelas, you will find plenty of content, but so will someone who prefers more serious drama or lighter comedy.

It is also important to note that Lingopie’s subtitles are very true to the actual content. Whereas streaming services will often provide subtitles that are interpretive and change the meaning of the dialogue, Lingopie gives exact translations. This is crucial when learning to speak a language.

User Reviews

Finally, it is important to look further afield at other people’s experiences with the app before passing judgment. When it comes to Lingopie user reviews, the consensus seems to be that Lingopie is one of the best language learning apps available. There are few complaints, and most of them relate to administrative issues rather than content and features. Furthermore, user reviews reflect our own experience with Lingopie.

Ultimately, Lingopie provides a fun and easy way to learn a new language. There is a ton of content available, and with interactive subtitles, the app works exactly as promised. It is definitely worth a try, especially considering the 7-day free trial available. Give it a chance, and commit to a year’s subscription if you find it works for you.

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