Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification: How to Clear the Test

The Microsoft Azure fundamentals certification is one of the most basic certifications offered by Microsoft. It does not have prerequisites, and candidates with no prior Microsoft training can also attempt the certification. 

Azure fundamentals program is an entry-level Microsoft course that clears the basics and prepares you for more complex cloud computing subjects. At the same time, it also familiarises you with the cloud computing industry.

Candidates can achieve this Microsoft training by clearing the AZ-900 exam. The exam tests your skills on different Azure fundamental cloud computing topics. Although the exam is comparatively uncomplicated, you must get yourself prepared systematically to ensure that you pass the test in one go.

So, for the same reason, we have included a comprehensive three-step guide, following which anyone can pass the test without any trouble.

Step one: Know what you’re precisely going for: 

It’s always best to get an overview of the subject before getting into the technical business. You can go to the official Microsoft website or trustworthy learning partners to get all the skills and technical knowledge tested during the AZ-900. 

Knowing what you’re preparing for gives you an accurate idea of how you will prepare for it. For instance, there’s a set of skills you should know for completing Microsoft Azure fundamentals certification. Below is a list of skills or learning areas with their relative weightage in percentage:

  • Describing cloud concepts (20-25%)
  • Describing core Azure services (15-20%)
  • Describing core solutions & management tools on Azure (10-15%)
  • Describing general security and network security features (10-15%)
  • Describe identity, governance, security, and compliance features (15-20%)
  • Describe Azure cost management and service level agreements (10-15%)

The list mentioned above updates from time to time. So, you should check official sources to get the latest list as per the current scenarios. In addition to the list of essential skills, an outline of exam skills is available to download from the official website. The exam skills outline explains the required skills with all the sub-categories included in the Azure Microsoft training.

Step two: Microsoft Azure virtual training day for fundamentals: 

Microsoft holds two days of virtual training programs for different Microsoft courses, and one such training event is also for the Azure fundamentals. This Microsoft training program will let you grab a thorough understanding of different subjects related to the Azure fundamentals. The virtual training is in two parts, over two days dealing with the modules covering the core Azure fundamentals skills.

While attending the training, you will go through the following concepts related to the Azure cloud computing services:

  • How to get started with Azure
  • How to integrate Azure with your existing networks
  • Understanding the critical cloud concepts and core services, including relevant pricing, support, and cloud security.
  • Assessment and evaluation of an existing on-premises environment in the preparation of cloud migration.
  • Monitoring and optimizing the Azure-based workloads to maximize the returns on investment.
  • How to use Azure services to protect and manage virtual machines, applications, and data.

The content theme of this training will also help you with the preparations and in the exam. Another benefit of the two-day Azure fundamentals Microsoft training is that once you attend and complete this free virtual training program, you can directly schedule the AZ-900 exam. 

Step three: learning path 

For the systematic and certification-specific learning materials, you can follow the Microsoft learn platform that holds the comprehensive learning paths for various Microsoft certifications, including the Azure fundamentals and business intelligence courses. The learning path in Microsoft training programs is specifically crucial to provide the candidates with the relevant skills needed to attain Microsoft certifications.

The learning path for Azure fundamentals is divided into six different parts. Every part consists of a particular skill that you need to know to clear the Azure fundamentals exam. So, you should complete the entire series without skipping anything from any section.

And one thing to make sure while you go through the learning series is that you should always carry a notebook and pen to take notes. Many people mistake watching through the concepts without making manual notes for future references and revisions. The notes you make can be your go-through guide before starting the exam, which will help you remember all the stuff you’ve learned.

All things considered, if you follow the three-step guide as explained in the article, you will not face any trouble during the preparations of Azure fundamentals certification. Hence, you will appear for the test more confidently and crack the exam in one go.

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