New to Apple TV Plus? Here are some coolest hacks for beginners

Apple TV Plus is Apple’s streaming service launched in 2019. It houses numerous shows that created a buzz in the streaming world, including Dr. Brain, Truth be told, and Foundation.  

Apart from this, you can watch many exciting shows at a nominal price of just $5.00 per month! Are you thrilled to know more about it? Read below to know how to get a free trial and make the most out of it. 

Experience the Apple TV Plus free trial

The prices of Apple TV Plus are minimal at just $5.00 per month, but you can select a yearly subscription which costs $50 per year.

However, if you are not in for an investment before giving it a try, the free-of-cost trial is always an option. Let’s have a look at what are the free trial options. 

  • If you purchase an Apple device like iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch, you are already in for 90 days of free streaming. However, to enjoy this free-of-cost trial, you must avail this opportunity within the time frame of three months of purchasing any of the products mentioned above. 
  •  If you’re signing up for Apple TV Plus for the first time, you get a free trial for seven days before a monthly subscription of $5. 
  • The third option is when you get a combined subscription of services like Apple Music, Apple News Plus, storage service iCloud, Apple Arcade, and Apple Fitness Plus; you also qualify for a free Apple TV Plus for 30 days. 

How to watch Netflix on Apple TV?

To watch US Netflix on Apple TV in Canada, you need to choose a VPN with a server in the US.

Once you do that, you need to go to your Apple TV settings and change the iTunes store location to the US. Once you do that, you need to sign in to Netflix. That’s all; you can watch Netflix on Apple TV. 

How to control sounds in your Apple TV Plus with volume settings?

To enjoy any show on your Apple TV Plus, you need to adjust the sound. When you are watching a war film, horror movie, or some other show with loud sounds like thunder or bone-chilling noise, you need to adjust the sound according to your convenience. 

It lets you get a complete experience when watching a thrilling show. 

Does the Apple TV app have a dark mode option?

Most of us are habituated to watching shows on our mobile phones or tablets at night. It affects our eyesight badly. If there is an option of dark mode, you can enjoy your favorite shows without damaging your eyes. 

Apple TV Plus offers an excellent option. You can put the app on dark mode. To switch your Apple TV Plus to dark mode, choose Settings >> General >> Appearance >> choose Dark or Automatic. When you select automatic, the dark mode will be activated automatically at night. 

How to download series and movies on Apple TV Plus to watch offline?

Apple TV Plus offers you to download the episodes of your favorite shows or movies to enjoy them even without an active internet connection. You can do that on your iPhone, iPad, or MAC. Do you wish to know how? 

Launch the app on your device and choose the series or movie of your choice. Tap on the Download option. It is a cloud-shaped button that appears next to the movie’s title or the show’s episode. Once you download the content, you can locate them in the library corner of the app. 

If you wish to delete any content, you need to make your way back to the library corner and tap on Edit. 

Can I enable subtitles in Apple TV Plus?

Yes, Apple TV plus allows you to enable subtitles to avoid missing any important conversation or plot. It helps you enjoy every moment of the movie or show, especially when you watch a different language not native to you.

Moreover, subtitles are especially helpful for people who are hard of hearing; subtitles help you understand what is happening. 

To enable subtitles on your Apple TV, you need to swipe down on the display of your device. You can turn it off by swiping upward.

If you don’t like subtitles and you don’t understand what a character has said, you can ask Siri, “What did he just say?” It will rewind when the person starts talking. It will also enable the subtitles for some time. 

Does Apple TV Plus have sleep mode?

Yes, Apple TV Plus comes with a sleep mode that lets you doze off when you are ready to sleep. While streaming a movie or your favorite show, you can set a timer when the app turns off automatically. 

To turn on sleep mode, you need to go to Settings >> General >> Sleep After. The app will go to sleep mode automatically. 

Restrict adult content from the kids

You do not want your kids to watch the adult content. Apple TV Plus lets you restrict adult content on your Apple device. You can assign a code to the shows or movies to restrict adult content. It will prevent your kids from accessing that content. 

However, this feature is only for the iTunes content, though the shows and movies you’ve bought through Apple. To set a PIN on Apple TV Plus, you need to go to Settings >> General >> Restrictions and set up a PIN.

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is a subscription service for games, apps, and other services based on their choices. Instead of navigating thousands of games and apps on the App Store, you can find the apps and games on this platform. 

Apple calls it the world’s first game subscription service for mobile phones and computers. 

Currently, Apple Arcade has more than 200 games that include multiplayer options. Moreover, Apple is adding new games almost every week. 

Some of the top games available are NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition, Angry Birds Reloaded, Lego Star Wars Battles, and Sneaky Sasquatch.

Apple Arcade gives you unlimited access to the content for $5 per month. You get a free trial period of one month when you subscribe to the service. The benefit of getting a subscription is you won’t see annoying ads and get unlimited updates for games. 

Wrapping up!

The best thing about the subscription is that you can share it with six family members or friends. If you have decided to purchase a new Apple device, you get a free subscription to Apple Arcade for three months.

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