On Your Mark: The Benefits of Registering a Trademark

If you have a newly conceived business, you likely have a laundry list of tasks to complete, and you might be wondering how highly trademark registration should rank. With so many companies in competition, it’s becoming more critical than ever to protect yourself against brand infringement. Trademarks can help solidify your company’s legitimacy so you can make an impact.

However, like with your driver’s license or passport, your trademark will periodically expire and need renewal. An IP (intellectual property) consulting firm, such as Dennemeyer, can help you with your trademark renewals before they lapse. Here are a few of the benefits of registering your trademark posthaste. 

No one can take your logo

Maybe the most apparent benefit out there, but if you trademark a logo or business name, you reserve the right to use it. Another business can’t use the same logo to compete with you, and they certainly can’t steal your brand or infringe upon it if they want to cash in on your success.

You won’t infringe on someone else’s logo

You don’t want your logo to look like someone else’s because you want a distinctive brand that stands out. Similarly, you don’t want to accidentally claim a logo that someone else might have been using for years. 

Protects your brand and lowers the burden of proof

Registering a trademark will legally protect your brand from infringement, whether intentional or not. Anyone with a similar brand will have to change theirs to accommodate you, but you won’t have to do that for anyone.

Additionally, you have a lowered burden of proof with a registered trademark. If you find yourself in an infringement battle, you can easily prove when you registered your trademark. 

Right to legal action

A registered trademark gives you the right to legal action if you think someone is stealing your logo or brand. Legal action will be challenging and likely impossible to pursue without a trademark.

Adds prestige and validity

The trademark symbol adds prestige and validity to your brand. This symbol is something customers will look for, as it shows you are a federally approved business.

Help customers find you

Trademarks will give you rights nationally and also online. Customers will have an easier time finding you or your brand with a trademarked and unique logo.

Easier to get foreign trademarks

Trademarking your business can give you a leg up when you want to file for global trademark registration. It will be easier to gain a worldwide trademark with federal registration backing.

Customs will protect you against infringement

If a foreign company wants to import their goods and services, US customs will prevent them from infringing on your brand.

A registered trademark will also protect against counterfeits of your brand from entering the country.

Final thoughts

Registering a trademark can protect you from legal issues and give you the right to pursue legal action if necessary to ensure no one steals your IP. With so many brands and logos in today’s world, trademarking your own can help you ward off any infringements and grow to national recognition.

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