Our List of Crucial Features to Look for in Corporate Learning Management System Software

There are plenty of articles out there about what to look for in LMS software, but there are so many factors to think about, it can get overwhelming. To narrow things down a bit, here is our list of learning management system software features you should look for:

1. Content

It goes without saying that content is important, so it may seem redundant to include it on our list in the first place. It’s because regardless of what LMS software you choose, the type of content you get is important.

Some businesses are after diverse, versatile content. Others are more focused on content management. Some will prioritize the ability to develop compelling content. The common thread between them all is that they are content-related.

Diverse content is important because LMS systems have so many uses. You’ll want to find one that has all the tools needed for the purposes you require.

For instance, a real estate company would need photo and video editing tools and should take that into account when shopping for an LMS that employees will find useful.

Content management is essential to learning management systems. Check if the LMS supports Tin Can/xAPI and SCORM to ensure that your LMS is compatible with other eLearning software.

Find one that enables you to organize learning materials, curriculum and evaluations into a learning path and lets you share the events and materials between learning paths.

Trainers and course developers will prioritize having several tools that allow them to create fantastic content.

They will want a way to deliver necessary information without the extra cost of purchasing course development tools. Course developers can choose from a variety of methods to get the learning path up and running, and the good news is that you probably already have much of what you’ll need.

2. Feedback

Every LMS software worth its salt allows feedback between trainers and trainees. The trainees need to be able to express their thoughts regarding the system, express what can be improved upon and identify strengths.

This allows businesses to constantly improve their LMS system, making them more effective and beneficial.

It also contributes to a feeling of well-being among trainees, as it demonstrates that their perspective is of value. Listening to employees has a huge impact on the workplace environment.

3. Tracking

It all comes down to the data. Good LMS software allows you to track learner progress, e-Commerce and content quality. It should also send progress reports to management for evaluation.

This simplifies the process of identifying the best talent and also allows management to intervene and provide detailed feedback to trainees who are struggling.

Learning path and learning item reports and exam reports are crucial for employers to track. Support for offline tracking and documenting is even better, as it provides a more thorough idea of each user’s progress.

Top-notch corporate LMS allow you to collect and analyze data, generate reports and integrate assets.

4. Assessments

Without the tools needed to measure comprehension and progress, LMS software is practically worthless. Useful LMS software allows interaction and assessment on a variety of levels.

These assessment options should be flexible enough to suit your business needs. Are the questions multiple choice or text entry? Can the multiple-choice questions be randomized?

Are learners’ assessment portfolios stored indefinitely, or are they deleted after some time?

Take these questions into consideration. You’ll want to ensure that the assessment format coincides with your purposes before you take the leap into purchasing.

Bottom Line: Choose a Learning Management System Software That Meets Your Needs

There you have it, the four most important things to consider before you purchase corporate LMS software.

The best have diverse content that’s easy to manage and create, feedback between trainers and trainees, tracking capability and flexible assessment tools. Now that you know what to look for, happy hunting!

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