Some Interesting Facts about Bitcoin Mining Which You Should Know!

Cryptocurrencies are to revolutionize the entire financial segment. Bitcoin is not merely an excellent payment method or electronic cash system ecosystem but also a great source of income. Many people are making a massive amount of money just with the help of bitcoin.

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However, bitcoin mining is not that simple. Despite bitcoin mining being a very profitable business and having a huge earning potential, only a few people know interesting facts about bitcoin. Here are some interesting facts about bitcoin mining, which you should know before starting your mining venture.

Global Bitcoin Mining Chain Generated A Revenue Of 60 Million Per Day!

Bitcoin mining has an exceeding extent of earning potential. The prominent reason is that bitcoin miners get a specific number of bitcoin units with the transaction cost as a reward of bitcoin mining.

The current value of a single bitcoin mining is skyrocketing, and a miner can buy almost 6.25 bitcoin units in just 10 minutes. Since bitcoin mining is very profitable and has a huge earning potential, bitcoin miners recently generated a revenue of almost 60 million per day.

In April 2021, miners were making almost 60 million dollars per day. Furthermore, April 2020 was the second leading month in terms of the highest revenue of the global bitcoin mining chain. The prominent reason behind this fact is that bitcoin’s store value in April was $650000.

Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin halving is one of the essential and crucial phases of bitcoin mining. As mentioned above, bitcoin miners avail themselves of a block reward in bitcoin and transaction cost after verifying the transactions. Bitcoin halving refers to a leap year event that decreases the block reward of bitcoin mining by half. Bitcoin halving correspondingly affects the value of bitcoin to an exceeding extent.

Bitcoin halving does not occur precisely after four years, as it takes place once miners mine 210,000 blocks. The first-ever bitcoin halving took place on the 28th of November in 2012, the second bitcoin halving took place in 2016, and the third took place in 2020. Before any bitcoin halving, the block reward of bitcoin mining was BTC, and the current bitcoin mining block reward is 6.25 BTC.

21 Million Bitcoin

Bitcoin is different from fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies to an exceeding extent. Bitcoin has a limited supply cap which means miners can merely mine a specific number of bitcoin units.

The supply cap of bitcoin mining is up to 21 million BTC, and currently, there are 18.6 million units in the marketplace. Therefore, bitcoin halving decreases the supply of bitcoin by half after every four years. Since bitcoin has a limit of 21 million bitcoin units, there is very little inflation. The current rate of inflation in the bitcoin complex is almost 1.17%.

Bitcoin Miners will mince last in 2140

As mentioned ahead, bitcoin halving decreases the block reward of bitcoin mining after every four years. According to some rich sources, bitcoin miners will mine the last ever bitcoin unit in 2140. Mining the last bitcoin unit will consume a considerable number of months as the bitcoin mining block reward will be significantly less at that period.

Several crypto-enthusiasts think that what will happen once a bitcoin miner will mine the last ever bitcoin. The future of bitcoin mining is still suspicious, but one thing is evident that bitcoin mining will not stop even after mining the last bitcoin.

You are familiar with the fact that bitcoin miners verify the transaction of the bitcoin network. If bitcoin miners do not verify the transactions, people will start to perform double-spending. Instead of getting bitcoin units as the block reward, miners will get transaction fees as a block reward. Thus, undeniably the transaction cost of bitcoin transactions is significantly less, but it will incline with the passing time.

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