The Comprehensive one-stop Crypto Wallet of the Future

The crypto craze has shown no signs of cooling down since its launch, even increasingly dominating the currency market. The development of blockchain technology allows for more flexibility in storing, trading and swapping cryptocurrencies with the support of electronic exchanges and digital wallets. Owning a crypto wallet is essential if you are serious about entering the blockchain market and managing your valuable assets.

Ownr cryptocurrency wallet is a unique all-in-one application created with outstanding powerful features, giving users of all customer segments the opportunity to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies easily from anywhere in the world. Simple design, easy-to-capture, multi-function, multi-asset, cross-platform toolkits give OWNR Wallet users the comfort and convenience of smooth access to cryptocurrencies.

Targeting corporate customers and cryptocurrency developers with new optimization and development steps in the coming time is affirmative evidence that OWNR Wallet is constantly improving to bring customers the best blockchain experience in a complete ecosystem.

Unique blockchain experience with multifunctional OWNR HD wallet

Over five years of operation, up to now, OWNR wallet has officially been present in 7 major countries and trusted by millions of cryptocurrency believers from more than 200 different countries and regions around the world. The appeal of this one-stop platform is unquestionable and natural as it is built by an experienced and knowledgeable blockchain and cybersecurity team of IT engineers from a world-leading fintech company.

OWNR Wallet gives users uninterrupted access to more than 10 influential coins such as BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, Tron (TRX), USDT (ERC-20 / TRC-20), and 240 other ERC-20 tokens. Leaving aside the time-consuming and inefficient tracking and trading of currencies on separate wallets and applications or worrying about information and assets being stolen, OWNR Wallet user can manage all their digital assets hassle-free on a seed phrase secured HD wallet with an API-integrated exchanger.

OWNR Wallet is the only wallet that allows issuing Visa prepaid cards integrated with wallets for easy and flexible deposits, payments, and withdrawals at ATMs anywhere globally. Various payment methods are accepted, including Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay bank cards in fiat currencies and SWIFT or SEPA for business.

Let’s take a closer look at the features that make OWNR Wallet one of the most efficient and reliable crypto wallets below and how they work.

Visa prepaid card

Through the Partner Portal, OWNR Wallet users, including individual and corporate customers, can request a Visa prepaid card in the form of a physical card and a virtual card used on the app. You can top up your card balance with BTC, ETH, LTC, and other cryptocurrencies from your OWNR Wallet at a favorable rate. You can also transfer crypto to your card for payments and cash withdrawals from ATMs around the world.

The spectacular features of the Visa card in the OWNR WALLET application give owners many advantages, including:

· Cards are delivered worldwide

· Withdraw local fiat money at ATMs easily anywhere

· Convert 4 cryptocurrencies to EUR with just one click

· Expenditure limit on goods and services of up to 5000 EUR per month

· Preferential transaction and service fees. You can find more information about fees and limits at the website

Innovative security features

Forget the days of electronic wallets secured by public and private codes, the new generation crypto wallet OWNR Wallet is a deterministic decentralized wallet – aka HD Wallet. This security mechanism allows OWNR wallet users to generate an independent public key sequence on a root seed phrase of 12-24 words in length in 8 languages.

As a result, transactions can be performed consecutively (up to 20) without depending on or waiting for confirmation of the current transaction, like other security technologies. Secure seed phrase also allows digital asset holders to restore any of their previous HD wallets automatically. OWNR is essentially a non-custodial wallet, so all user information, root phrases, and crypto assets are completely under the control of the wallet owners on their devices without being stored on the system.

Exchange integration with API technology

Owners of digital assets stored on OWNR Wallet can benefit from the built-in exchanger without having to go through comparisons, searches on exchanges, or any other blockchain application. Advanced API technology allows the exchange of BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH, ZEC, and LTC coins extremely fast and conveniently on this cross-platform application.

Businesses solutions

In addition to benefiting from prepaid Visa cards and crypto exchange services with API integration, businesses are also provided with a crypto buying portal on their website that connects to the enterprise HD OWNR wallet. Their customers can purchase directly at the website and pay through this payment gateway conveniently.

Giant firms and seasoned investors also love OWNR for its unlimited OTC trading and crypto sales to MasterCard.

Additional features

Extra conveniences such as balance update notifications, adding Segwit addresses, and adjusting network fees are also features that make your crypto experience smoother and more complete.

Upcoming features

Shortly, OWNR will launch solutions that users expect the most and help this platform become a comprehensive supporting ecosystem and meet all customer needs, including:

· Review exchange rate history for profitable investment and exchange

· Introducing testnet coin for crypto developers

· Trading strategy advice from market experts and influencers

· Analyze trading signals

How to install and start using OWNR Wallet?

The OWNR multi-wallet is developed for use on computers and mobile devices. With the motto of making cryptocurrency access easier for everyone, this great digital wallet is compatible with all operating systems from Android, iOS, and Windows to the rare operating system like Linux.

The mobile version can be downloaded, installed, and created for free.

A few notes

Just as many currency traders are looking for a platform that allows them to completely anonymously transact, there are those who care about the purity and legitimacy of cryptocurrencies. OWNR Wallet is licensed to operate globally in the field of currency trading, in compliance with strict legal regulations.

OWNR Wallet users instead of being provided with complete anonymity will receive maximum support from a reputable 3rd party handling KYC verification information, ensuring no leaks in addition to the strong security layer mentioned. Traders on the OWNR platform can still remain anonymous with transactions under $50 for their preference.

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