Tools and Devices Every Aspiring Content Creator Needs

Content creation and blogging is all the rage these days – every individual wants to become a content creator but they fail to acknowledge the amount of work and dedication it requires. Digital content is in demand in all countries across the globe and the potential for budding creators to earn is growing exponentially. However, content creation cannot simply happen with your mind – in order to successfully create and manage a content creation niche for yourself, you need certain tools and devices which are as follows:

1. Microphone, headphone and boomarm

Every content creator needs these three basic items if they want to create quality content. A microphone that gives you studio-quality sound while reducing background noise is probably the most important part of your content creation kit. You would also require headphones that allow you to record videos and content at home. In addition to that, you would require a boom arm that ensures optimal positioning and minimize any background noise. You can get these three products from Audio Technica Australia – Georges Cameras which is a leading manufacturer-relator collaboration.

2. An account on Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an excellent platform for content creators as it allows them to consolidate their social media accounts and schedule campaigns and posts collectively. It also allows them to see their social media account analytics and organize their data accordingly.

3. An account on Loom

A loom is software that greatly helps with content creation as it allows individuals to share their screen with other people. This allows them to demonstrate anything they might be looking to teach or learn from the other party and also allows them to simultaneously record themselves and their microphone. If you are looking to demonstrate something to someone, you can quickly hop onto Loom, make your video doing it, and then share it with the other individual.

4. Access to Airtable

Airtable is a cloud-based application that allows its users to collaborate on different projects by making use of an interface designed like a spreadsheet. When content creators are doing collaborations with other content creators, they can use a tool like this to manage their communication and list of duties. Airtable also allows an individual to create forms on their website and share those forms as a link – whether you are looking to do a survey or understand your audience, this feature would be very helpful for you.

5. An account on Google Drive

As a content creator, you would often find yourself sending and receiving heavy files which cannot be done over email. Google Drive is a lifesaver in such situations and in addition to sharing files it also allows you to store information in case your computer or laptop’s hard drive gets damaged. You can keep all your data in one place and keep it safe. The best part about using Google drive is that it is completely free. You can store all your photos, videos and content on Google drive and also share it with individuals with who you want to share it.

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