Top 5 Technology Trends That Business Owners Can’t Afford To Ignore in 2022

It can be easy to dismiss a trend as just “a trend,” but if technology has shown us anything over the past several decades, it is that sometimes a trend becomes the way forward.

Social media, for example, was initially dismissed as merely a trend. However, what was underneath it – user data – became the cornerstone of new marketing forms and information-gathering.

Technology’s constant and speedy march can be downright dizzying for many people. Those who choose to pay attention instead of ignoring it will be the ones who see success.

Here are five top technology trends you cannot ignore unless you want to stay in the dust.

Real-time data streaming

Besides informing your business and your customers, data can tell a story. It is no longer enough for companies to have data and pour over it at the end of the business day.

Smart business owners need their data to be actionable in real-time. Real-time data streaming providers like Striim ( work to provide this technology to businesses.

Artificial intelligence

There is already enough ink spilled, and letters typed about artificial intelligence to eclipse the word count on Wikipedia. Nonetheless, it would be ignorant as a business owner to ignore how artificial intelligence is aiding in business decision-making.

Test cases from across the spectrum of finance, retail, and service-based companies all tell us the same thing: AI can help you make the tough choices.

Blockchain and crypto

Dismissed early on as just another economic fad akin to Dutch tulip bulbs, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain are here to stay in the numbers to prove anything.

While cryptocurrency continues to fluctuate, the idea behind the blockchain allows consumers to have a greater level of trust in a business. That trust also ensures a greater level of security between parties.

The metaverse

The space between reality and the digital world is a new space for marketers and business owners to operate. The metaverse opens new avenues for customers and businesses alike.

This world is the seamless integration of digital and reality that operates in harmony between the two. Welcome to the new age!

The work-from-home/hybrid workplace

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it is that all you need to work on is a stable internet connection. As business owners struggle with bringing back a workforce receiving greater control over their work/life balance thanks to working from home, the hybrid work model has grown in favor.

Workers can now choose to work three days in the office and two days at home or vice versa. 

However, many large tech businesses still allow their workers to work from home without issue. Business owners spending capital on pricey office space may realize how much money there is to save with work-from-home models.


Technology continues to mold and shape every aspect of our lives – especially in finance and business. Staying on top of the trends allows business owners to remain nimble and be ready for whatever may come their way.

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