Try these 5 Hacks to Avoid Buffering While Streaming Netflix

Netflix has a wide variety of shows and movies from different genres. Whether you are in a mood for a thriller or a slow romance movie, you will have no issue finding the title you want on Netflix.

However, once you are tucked in and hit the play button, there is no bigger letdown and a buzzkill when the video streaming stops, and you experience buffering. 

If you are thinking about binging your favorite series on Netflix, buffering is your biggest enemy. It is very annoying to stop the video every minute or so and wait for it to load. Netflix streaming is best enjoyed with uninterrupted viewing and zero buffering. 

Here are a few hacks to avoid buffering and watch Netflix movies without any interruptions online. 

1. Close apps running in the background. 

If you have applications running in the background on your computer or phone, it naturally slows down your internet speed and CPU. Even if you are not using those apps and they are minimized in the background, they still consume data.

So, if you have multiple tabs open in the browser or apps running in the background, close the ones that you don’t need. 

If you are experiencing buffering, try closing apps that are running in the background that you don’t need. This can be a little tricky as with some apps. Even if you close them, they automatically restart in the background. To stop apps from running in the background, you can go to Settings and click on Background apps. Now from the list, you can choose the apps that you want to run in the background.

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2. Change the video quality 

If you have paused the apps running in the background and are still facing buffering, you can reduce the Netflix video quality. The heavier the file, the longer it will take to load. Netflix offers an option to choose the video quality like YouTube. 

If you are streaming in Ultra HD, you can try reducing the video quality from 1080 p to 720 p or 480 p. If you are watching Netflix on a TV, you can stick with 720p, but if you are watching on a small screen like a laptop or a smartphone. This way, you cover the buffering time in half. 

3. Pause the video for a short moment 

If you have decreased the video quality and are still experiencing extensive buffering, you can pause the video for a short moment – just take a break. Most videos only take time loading at the beginning, and the rest of the stream is smooth.

Instead of starting the video instantly, you can leave for a few minutes in the beginning and give it some time to load. It reduces buffering, and you will be able to enjoy your Netflix movie or show without any interruptions. 

4. Speed up your connection 

Your internet speed plays a major role in determining your video quality and buffering. Even if you have a high-speed connection, chances are your ISP might be throttling your connection; as a result, you must be getting slow speeds. If that is the case, you can check your speed using online tools and check your actual download and upload speed. 

If there is a difference in the numbers, you can contact your internet service provider (ISP). Some other ways to speed up your internet are:

  • Unplug your modem or router, and wait for 10-20 seconds before reconnecting. It’s a good idea to do this once in a while. 
  • If your wireless router is set at 2.4Ghz, you can change that to 5Ghz. The higher band will ensure less interference. 
  • If you have a limited internet plan, make sure you don’t exceed your monthly data allowance. Some ISP’s throttle the speed of users when they consume too much bandwidth.

5. Download movies to watch offline

If you have tried the above-mentioned tips but are still not satisfied, you can also download movies and series on Netflix to watch offline. But you can only do that on the Netflix app. Here is how you can download movies and shows on Netflix to watch offline:

  • Open the Netflix app and click on the Download option. 
  • Select option ‘Available for Download’ 
  • Select the movie or TV show you want to download. For TV shows, the download option will appear on every episode. If you are using the Netflix app on Android, you will also see the option of downloading the entire season. 

Keep in mind that you can have up to 100 downloads at a time on your devices. The downloaded content stays for a specific time, and you can see the amount of time left on the Download page in the Netflix app


Buffering is a very common issue that is mostly related to your internet speed and device’s performance. So, review the hacks tips mentioned above to speed up things and reduce buffering time while streaming Netflix. Video buffering is downright annoying, but you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming with the tips mentioned above.

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