Which States have the Biggest Gaming Communities?

Every day, billions of people all around the world play video games, regardless of their age, gender, culture, social class, or location. In order to interact, further their education, and have fun, millions of Americans use video games. The popularity of gaming has increased significantly.

Gaming’s Popularity Across the US Continues to Grow

According to research, 60% of the people who play video games are based in the US and they do it on multiple devices, including computers, consoles, smartphones, and tablets. Due to the accessibility of fast internet speeds and affordable plans, playing online games with friends and embarking on quests or taking down crafty opponents as a group is now simpler than ever. Indeed, even if you are a beginner, it is very simple to get involved with this activity.

The United States gaming community has reached the pinnacle, as evidenced by population demographics, the number of gaming conferences, the number of social gaming organizations, the average internet download speed, the number of citizens who possess computers, and the 5G coverage.

Despite the fact that video games have been around for a long time, many people chose them as their preferred form of entertainment when the global pandemic of 2020 hit. Over the past few years, the average amount of time spent gaming has increased by 16.5%. In the subsequent years, that growth rate hardly decreased.

The various advantages of gaming in communities are becoming more widely acknowledged and embraced in America. Most Americans now think that playing video games reduces stress, stimulates the mind, and brings joy through play, with a sizable percentage of the population seeing the advantages of doing so. Play is a crucial component of learning, and most Americans believe that playing video games can improve their leadership, conflict resolution, and problem-solving abilities.

The ability to unite people from different cultures through video games can promote connection and community. In addition to a majority of players agreeing that video games foster a sense of community, players claim that they can unite people of various backgrounds. Nearly half of players say they have met a close friend, spouse, or partner through video games. More than three-quarters of players believe that playing video games can help people form new friendships and relationships.

Which states have the biggest gaming communities?


According to wisevoter.com, Maryland achieved the top scores across the board thanks to its diversified population, an abundance of gaming conventions and social networking organizations, quick internet connections, high rates of computer ownership, and excellent 5G coverage throughout the whole state.

When it comes to game development, Maryland has a number of significant advantages. In addition to being home to numerous start-ups and well-established businesses, the state also has several top-tier universities, including the University of Maryland College Park, which has top-notch game design programs. These benefits make Maryland one of the top locations for prospective game creators. Moreover, the state has also recently legalized online and mobile wagering.

New Jersey

The second-ranked state, New Jersey, makes up for Maryland’s slightly higher ratings in terms of demographic diversity and 5G coverage with more social gaming networks and greater rates of computer ownership. It is no surprise that New Jersey is one of the leading states with the largest gaming communities, as a lot of gaming activities go on in the state. Another example that perhaps helps to highlight just how popular gaming is within the Garden State could be in regard to its online gambling offering. The region became the first to legalize online gambling activities which led to the emergence of reliable New Jersey online casinos. These platforms have provided gamers and enthusiasts with the opportunity to continue to enjoy one of their favorite pastimes even further, thus providing this gaming-mad location the chance to further expand its love and passion. 


California undoubtedly serves as a significant US gaming hub and has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, particularly for the video game sector. This state hosts a wide range of the biggest gaming conventions in the world, including Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and Riot Games. These conventions cater to both competitive tournament-seeking gamers and recreational players who are looking to seek amazing experiences while gaming.

When it comes to other types of gaming such as online casinos and sports, California comes a bit short since these options are not currently available in the state. Despite this, however, California’s gaming sector is vibrant and diversified, having a big impact on the world of gaming.


Although Texas is not often regarded as having one of the greatest gaming populations in the US, it does have a sizable presence in the sector. With renowned esports organizations and teams like Team Envy, Dallas Fuel, and Houston Outlaws having their headquarters in Texas, the state has a strong esports culture.

Additionally, with a growing emphasis on esports and gaming culture, the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference and festival in Austin has grown into a significant event for the gaming industry.

Despite having internet connections that are not as fast as those in other states, Texas compensates for this by having more social gamers than any other state. In fact, the state is renowned for being one of the hotspots for poker and other card games in terms of social gaming.

Texas hold ’em poker is a popular card game in the state, which has a long history of card play. Overall, Texas has a broad and enthusiastic gaming culture, especially in esports and social gaming, even though it may not have the largest gaming community in the United States.


Which Video games are most played?


Fortnite is an incredible video game that encourages individualism and creativity. By introducing unique features such as Zero Build mode, it has taken the gaming world by storm.

With its plethora of indicators that track progress and award incentives to players when they reach certain levels, Fortnite undoubtedly deserves its title as one of the most addictive free-to-play games ever released!

Horizon: Forbidden West

Set in the classic open-world Western US, Horizon’s sequel allows you to explore a world twice as extensive as the first one. The protagonist and his ragtag team of old and new friends must now combat robots from thousands of years ago who have decimated Earth’s biosphere.

Not only are there clear action sequences for players, but also an emotional layer that makes it extra engaging! Immersive graphics enhance your experience even further; playing Horizon is truly a wonderful adventure!

God of War: Ragnarok

This year, one of the few video games that has surpassed players’ wildest expectations and delivered an unforgettable experience was God of War: Ragnarok. The game is renowned for its captivating gameplay, spectacular action scenes, and stunning visuals. You’ll be in awe at the incredible storytelling and excellent voice acting featured throughout the story!

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the ultimate video game experience, unveiled to gamers in early 2022 and quickly gaining recognition as a leader in fantasy gaming. From its gorgeous graphics, which utilize elements drawn from other related games, to its sensational storyline, Elden Ring provides an unparalleled adventure that will surely excite players of all ages.

With a plethora of tools and weapons to choose from, the gameplay is both dynamic and intricate. The open environment was meticulously constructed in order to invite exploration without providing players with too much direction; this makes it all the more captivating.


It is clear that Maryland and New Jersey are far and away the best states for gamers, offering everything they require, including a vibrant community of individuals who share their enthusiasm for games and first-rate support from fast internet providers that ensure seamless gameplay wherever the gamers are.

Either way, there are still a number of other states growing in this respect as gaming has become more and more accessible for all the different communities. With new exciting games coming out every year, there surely will be new states showing up on this list overtaking some of the giants right now.

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