5 Profitable IT Solutions for Small Businesses

In the modern-day, information technology has made it easier to run a business. There are many tech solutions out there that you can use to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and scale up your business’s productivity.

But this is only possible when entrepreneurs know the right technology to suit their business needs.

Since competition in the market is getting higher with every tick of the clock, this is especially true for small businesses that are still young and ambitious. Small ventures that stay as streamlined and competitive as their larger counterparts have higher chances of success.

Just to name a few areas, IT solutions come to streamline and ease the various business processes, including sales, order management, communication, time-tracking, project management, and data storage. But which tech tools do your small business need to thrive and scale to greater heights? 

Here are 5 profitable IT solutions for small businesses you ought to check out.

1. Hiring IT Consultants 

Well, this is undoubtedly the most profitable solution out there. Hiring experienced business IT consultants is the best way to ensure your business profits out of technology. As pointed out by the folks at Summit Advisors IT, working with expert IT consultants can help get things that drag your profitability and productivity out of the way.

They will help gauge your pain points and create a custom IT solution that helps you achieve your business goals better.

They will serve your business in many areas, including cybersecurity, data storage, VoIP, IT consulting, and a wide range of other services. You can never go wrong with a reputable IT service provider. Let them handle the technology bit as you concentrate on tasks that matter to your business most.

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2. Communication and Collaboration Tools 

Many small businesses fail to realize their full potential because they lack a systematic approach to teamwork and employee collaboration. Communication breakdown in the workplace often contributes to some of the biggest losses among small businesses.

Thanks to today’s technology, there are many tools out there to help improve employee collaboration and communication in your business. Some of these tools even allow employees to comfortably work remotely without a glitch in efficiency and productivity.

In this respect, Slack is a good example of tools small businesses can use to move to greater heights. Small to medium and large businesses use this tool for internal communication and even project management to some extent. It is characterized by the use of channels, which teams in different departments within your business can use to ensure effective communication and reliable collaboration on tasks.

It is also an amazing software solution because it is easy to and the UI design is quite intuitive. Employees can start using it without any special training.

3. Accounting Solutions

For a small business to grow successfully, the books of accounts need to always be in good order. But manual accounting has only been no longer reliable these days. It is more prone to errors, manipulation, and inefficiency. Thankfully, there are several accounting automation solutions that businesses can use.

A good example is QuickBooks, which is by far the most reputed software of its kind on the market. With QuickBooks, accountants can easily monitor cash flow, take care of invoices, keep track of accounts payable/receivable, and manage company taxes. Other accounting solutions include Sage and Pastel.

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4. Project Management Tools

If your small business involves handling different projects, then you can benefit from project management software. There are a lot of these on the market, some that allow additional features like communication and even customer relationship management. 

Sticking to project management, a good example is Trello, an effective tool that excels greatly when it comes to task management. With Trello, you can create different boards for each of your projects.

Within these boards, separate cards can be created for corresponding tasks or notes, making it easier to keep track of progress by the hour.

ProofHub is another reliable business platform that allows you to streamline processes, track project progress, share files, communicate feedback, track time, and so forth. It also has a mobile app that allows users to work even on the go.

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5. HR Software

Hiring is often a huge headache for HR departments, especially for small businesses. When recruiting staff, you want the most qualified individuals for the position. To avoid human error and make the process easier, hiring software makes the job easier.

A good example of such a tool is Workable, which lets you post job positions, screen candidates, and communicate with applicants. It also allows effective communication among the hiring team so everyone is on the same page. The tool also allows you to create a detailed hiring plan alongside a budget, thus allowing you to monitor your spending.

And there you have it. We can never exhaust the list of technology tools small businesses can benefit from. The above are just a few IT solutions that could help improve your profitability as a startup.

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