7 Must-Have Accessories for Hardcore Gamers

Gaming is a nice hobby to kill some time, and for others, gaming is a lifestyle. Hardcore gamers know how important their sessions are. It is not just about playing a game, but maxing out their score, beating the competition, and even earning some money.

These gamers take their playtime seriously, which means they need the best gear to help make a long session or intense match all the better. Thankfully the accessories for gamers are more readily available, and here are 7 of the must-have for any gamer who takes this hobby seriously.

1. Gaming Chair

Being comfortable is a must-have factor for a long session. Whether you play console or PC, the type of chair you use is important. Ergonomic gaming chairs help provide lower back and lumbar support, cushioning on the seat and are adjustable to provide the best posture support. The longer you play, the more tired your body gets, so you need to find a chair that can help you play for long periods at a time.

2. Custom Mousepad

Your gaming setup is not always just about comfort or performance. You want your gaming area to be aesthetically pleasing, which is why the folks at Your Playmat show how cool your setup can be with a custom mousepad. These pads can come in all shapes and sizes, with specialized graphics to match the look of your game station. It is a small addition to your gaming needs but adds that personal touch.

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3. Gaming Mouse

What good is a custom mousepad without the right mouse? PC gamers know how important this accessory is for performance. Finding the right gaming mouse comes down to the ergonomics of the device, wired vs wireless, key functionality and shortcuts, and cost. Some gaming mice can be expensive, but for the right price, there are plenty of options that will enhance your in-game performance.


4. Mini-Fridge

Adding a mini-fridge to your gaming area enhances your ability to continue your gaming sessions for a long time. It helps in a way that you would not expect, but having snacks and chilled drinks on hand allows you to spend more time on your couch, chair, or at your desk without having to take a quick break to go hit the kitchen.

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5. Dual Monitor

Adding a second monitor is a cool way to enhance your productivity at your gaming station. Dual monitors are usually something that PC gamers like to use, but console gamers can take full advantage as well.

Being able to multitask or experience your game across two screens takes advantage of your graphics card’s full capability by providing you with two screens to experience 1080p or 4K resolutions.

Not to mention, dual monitors can let you split tasks if you are gaming and working at the same time.

6. High Definition Webcam and Mic 

The mic and webcam setup is becoming a much more common trend amongst hardcore gamers because many people realize how much potential there is for money in streaming.

Streaming your gaming sessions can draw in a crowd to watch you play, which could lead to donations or even endorsements if you are good enough.

Any quality webcam should be minimum 1080p recording quality, and anywhere between 50-60fps, and a mic should be between 80 and 15khz for frequency response. These are good accessories if you want to take your gaming public.

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7. Wireless Headset

In addition to a mic, you want to be able to hear what people are saying and respond back. This is especially true for shooters and strategy games where you need to collaborate with your team – or trash talk the enemies. A good wireless headset will allow you to stay completely zoned into the game and talk things out with people.

Where enemies are heading, what objectives to focus on, what you are planning to do, anything that can help your team win. Headsets also come in wired varieties, which may have better response times.

Wireless headsets give you more freedom to get up and walk around if you need to stretch your legs during the game or if the action is so intense you cannot stay seated.

Being a hardcore gamer is about more than just enjoying video games, it is about having an unrelenting passion for the lifestyle of video games. Hardcore gamers are always looking for new ways to improve their performance and enhance their setup to maximize the fun and experience, which is why they need the best accessories.

This list includes 7 important must-have additions to improve any gaming setup for even the most hardcore gamer.

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