6 Simple and Addictive Computer Games That Will Keep You Hooked For Hours

Are you looking for a PC game? Are you struggling to pick a good PC game in a sea of free and paid PC game versions? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, many PC games are available in the market: from AAA to indie titles to offline versions – the list is endless!

Even with all the different genres, some games stand apart from others. While every game deserves a try, this guide compiles six must-have PC games for every gaming enthusiast.

These games will not only immerse you into their plot and setting but also welcome you to a magical world full of new adventures. Let’s dive in.

1. Solitaire Board/Card Games

Games teach life lessons. Lessons that many people overlook or are too ignorant to notice. They teach us about tactics, strategies, patience, and how to solve puzzles.

What’s more, they help improve our creative abilities. So if you’re feeling hazy and want to get your creative juices flowing, this solitaire game is what you need.

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It improves your response time and analytical skills, as well as enhancing your decision-making skills. In solitaire, you have limited choices and resources.

This limiting aspect ensures you make calculated moves – the same decisions you would make in real-life scenarios.

2. Hitman 3

The word “hitman” likely evokes feelings of a game filled with adventure. And you’re not wrong! This is what the last chapter of Agent 47’s Hitman 3 promises to deliver. With a series of six action-packed levels, it only takes you an hour to beat them if you understand the basics.

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If you’re a new player, don’t fret. You can navigate through the campaign in a few hours. But remember, you’re not buying the game to maintain the campaign.

Like its predecessors (Hitman and Hitman 2), Hitman 3’s levels are vast, complex, and with multiple ways to neutralize your targets. Even better, you can replay the levels multiple times to try new tactics and quests.

3. World of Warships

So you fancy war tanks, big guns, and ammunition? Well, World Of Warships is the right fit for you. If you adore the idea of battlefields, World Of Warships is introducing the navy to the aspect of deathmatch.

Even better, the controls are straightforward and welcoming, even for the novice player. Additionally, they allow for exciting tactics so that you can enjoy the thrill of the game.

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Compared to Total War or Silent Hunter, World Of Warships packs more action, engagement, and more fun than the three combined. What’s more, the scene is more exciting than your ordinary battlefield-based game.

4. Loop Hero

Gaming enthusiasts say Loop Hero is the most addictive game ever created – and with good reasons! The game focuses on a mission to rebuild reality. The plot builds on day-to-day adventures where you collect resources and knowledge.

As the hero, you need to make your way around the ‘loop’ while battling the monsters in your path. As a player, you’re in charge of placing down cards that modify the surrounding environment.

Loop Hero keeps you on your toes as you need to plan your route carefully. Watch out, so you don’t misjudge and over face your hero – you lose precious resources.

5. Cyberpunk 2077

After the success of Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 received immense hype in the gaming world. Shortly after, its reputation was in a dire state after the game launched on last-generation consoles.

However, this should not scare you off from trying it on PC. It brings to life an exciting night city life like no other virtual metropolitan. What’s more, you’ll find secrets hidden everywhere within the dense streets and paths. The plot is well scripted and allows flexibility in play styles.

Additionally, missions have multiple outcomes and a solid photo mode that provides hours of entertainment, if this works for you.

6. Control

The team at Remedy Entertainment is taking the world by storm with this exciting game. A short glance tells you the title is wrapped with love and pays keen attention to the details.

Control offers gamers mind-boggling visuals, excellent performance, and, not forgetting, an intense combat experience with a cinematic environment. It places you in the mighty shoes of fiery-haired Jesse Faden.

You have the task of finding your missing brother in an old building in New York, all while directing activities at the Federal Bureau of Control. That sounds like quality.

You couldn’t have chosen a better time to get into PC gaming. With these games, you can enjoy more gaming time with your friends and family. In short, you need to be playing these games right now!

You’re also free to explore online PC games that don’t require downloads. What’s more, you can start exploring PC games of previous years since they’re cheap – and even better to some extent than their newer versions.

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