7 Clever Ways To Use Instagram To Increase Digital Presence

Social media is an efficient tool for promoting brands. One of the best platforms that have evolved and improved is Instagram. It started as a photo-sharing app. Now, you can post long videos and short clips and utilize them for business.  

Being active on Instagram is an effective way to increase your digital presence. With millions of users, it’s an ideal starting point for amplifying your brand voice. However, making your mark can be challenging, especially when starting from scratch.  

Here are seven clever ways to use Instagram to increase your digital presence. 

  1. Use Popular Hashtags 

Hashtags define social media trends. It’s how you get to know what issues and topics people are talking about. Using them to your advantage can significantly improve your digital presence. 

Using popular hashtags on Instagram is the best way to reach a larger audience. As people search for a specific topic, your posts can appear among famous brands and influencers. It’s best to learn these little details on how to scrape Instagram to your advantage. Doing so will help you gain more followers over a few weeks. 

Moreover, using popular and appropriate hashtags for your post can help your potential followers find you. Focusing on building your brand name within your niche is the best path toward gaining popularity. 

  1. Determine Your Target Audience 

Determining the demographics of your target audience is an excellent foundation for building your digital presence. To help you capture your potential followers’ attention, you need to align your posts and captions to their culture and language. 

Increasing digital presence isn’t solely about being trendy. You have to stay authentic to convert your following to profit. Being genuine also helps keep your loyal followers supporting you while gaining new ones. 

You should give high regard to your target audience. You have to know their location and interests. Then, you can start making content that makes them feel heard. 

  1. Boost Engagements 

Boosting your engagements on Instagram is one way to enhance your social media presence. Organic following starts when people talk about your brand and create more interactions from it. 

To enhance your engagements, be updated with the latest trends. Check what topics people are talking about on various social media platforms. Moreover, you can join the conversation by creating Instagram content related to those subjects. 

Starting and joining conversations brings you closer to your target audience. It’s a hack to make your brand more visible. 

  1. Interact With Influencers 

Interacting with influencers is effective in making your brand shine. However, you have to carefully choose ones with the same or related goals as your brand to avoid forced interactions and clout chasing. 

Starting brands can start partnerships with several micro-influencers. This way, you can get promotions without spending too much. Plus, it’s a win-win situation for both sides since these influencers can also gain a little profit from you. 

Creating interactions with influencers and producing content related to your brand can enhance your presence organically. It’s a fun way to build connections with different people while reaching your marketing goals

  1. Upload Reels And IGTV Videos 

Instagram is an effective and enjoyable platform for businesses and content creators due to its flexibility. As mentioned, Instagram has upgraded from a simple photo-sharing app to an app where you can upload IG reels with a maximum of 60 seconds, and IGTV for longer videos.

Creating and publishing multimedia content is how you conquer the world of social media. People want photos to look at, short and long-form content to read, and videos to watch for entertainment and learning purposes. Providing these to your audience keeps them entertained and aware of your presence. 

Furthermore, uploading videos regularly can help you gain more followers. It can be a slow start, but you’ll never know when one video breaks the internet. 

  1. Link Your Business Website 

Utilizing social media for business is a strategy you should not underestimate. Many small brands have succeeded by increasing their digital presence. One of the ways to gain profit is through link building. 

One of the main goals for using Instagram to increase digital presence is converting your following to profit. Gaining followers isn’t as effective if you’re not getting sales. Therefore, you have to create better strategies for tapping people’s curiosity to check your website. 

Through Instagram, you can give away discount codes for your products and services they can use on your website. Whether it leads to sales, you’ll still gain traffic to improve your placement in searches. 

  1. Post Regularly 

Consistency is always the key to increasing your digital presence. Regular content posting keeps people on the hook. Producing more quality content means a greater chance of being seen by a wider audience. 

One way to keep your brand active is to create a content calendar. With that, you can plan what to post and when to post it. You can schedule when to publish photos and videos, use hashtags, and write captions.  


Instagram is a powerful tool for growing brands. Harnessing its potential to convert more sales is the way to success. Hence, it’s best to consider the aforementioned ways to help you with your digital presence.

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