Clicking Your Way to Competency: How to Improve Your Computer Literacy

Once, knowing your way around a computer was an additional feather in your cap for the workplace—something nice to have but not required. Now, computer literacy is necessary for the vast majority of jobs. If you constantly find yourself frustrated over not knowing how to convert PDF to Word or worried that you accidentally clicked “reply all” on an email, you may find it helpful to improve your computer literacy. Here are just a few ways you can click your way to better cyber competency.   

Take a class

One of the best ways to learn computer skills is taking a course. You can often enroll in a class at your local community college or even the public library. 

Many online options are available if you don’t have time to learn in person. You can take a course, work one-on-one with an instructor, or even find self-paced programs that let you move as quickly or slowly as you want.

Improve your Google skills

Many people who appear to be tech gurus are just really good at using Google. If you can learn how to search for what you need to know or how to fix something, you can usually find an article that explains everything in simple terms.

One of the best tricks is to search something word for word. For example, if you get an error message, enter it exactly as it appears on your screen in Google. There are often others who’ve had the same issue and can help you fix it.

Try the manual

It may seem obvious to look in a manual for help, but many people disregard it and look elsewhere when they encounter elements they don’t understand. However, a computer manual will often give you great instructions for use and even troubleshooting.

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Not everyone is good with computers. If your company has an employee who is a computer whiz, such as an IT consultant, then befriend them. Most people love to share their passions with others and will be happy to teach you some basic skills.

Make it fun

Improving your computer literacy and technology skills doesn’t have to be dull. Look for ways to make the process fun.

For example, you may take up playing a video game on your computer. You can often learn many skills by playing different types of video games, and these skills can translate to your job.

Don’t be afraid

Do you fear technology? Are you afraid that your entire computer will be wiped if you hit one wrong key? Try not to worry too much. The chances of you doing something catastrophic are minimal.

Don’t be afraid to try out your new skills. You may not get things right the first time, but you’re not going to get better if you’re too afraid to practice.

Parting shot

Improving your computer literacy can help you in many ways. It can make you more effective and efficient at your current job, or it may make it easier to get a future promotion or job. Finally, you can even use your new skills in your daily life.

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