Academic Writing Changes in the USA in 2021

Academic writing is becoming a more and more hot topic every year. The 2020-2021 academic year in the USA promises to be no exception, and with this rising popularity, certain sweeping changes are sure to come to light. The world of academic writing is never stagnant, it is constantly adapting and changing, and it is the job of every aspiring academic author to stay on top of these changes and adapt their own writing accordingly. With that in mind, this comprehensive article aims to predict and analyze some of the biggest trends and changes coming to the world of academic writing in the US in 2020-2021.

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1. Be more unique

This has been an emerging trend for many years now and is sure to continue into the next academic year. As the number of third-level graduates rises and as the academic writing sphere becomes more and saturated every year, with the same tired old topics done to death, academic institutions are crying out for originality and unique takes.

The average will no longer be good enough. In practice, this means that both students and researchers are being encouraged to think outside the box and take a different perspective or viewpoint from those in the mainstream.

In terms of academic writing, in 2020-2021 a personal tone should ring out and if you really want to stand out then you should allow your unique voice to come to the fore. Data is more and more readily available, and the number of academic submissions is rising monotonically. From this noise, only a truly unique piece can break through the static. 

2. Do not hesitate to use online writing tools

Anyone who has had to write an academic piece will know the pain of thorough referencing. Because there are so many different styles of referencing, and each source must be carefully compiled and ordered, this can be a real bother for most students. This is only an increasing annoyance as thorough, credible references are now a must-have for any academic piece.

Thankfully, as the 2020-2021 academic year rolls around, there is some help out there on the market. There are now a number of wonderful types of software that will help you with your referencing.

Many of these can be installed as macros that work seamlessly alongside your normal writing software, such as Microsoft Word. Using this convenient technology, you can simply load your sources into the referencing software database, choose the appropriate referencing style, and then insert the references in the software.

Using the magic of technology, it will then generate the perfect bibliography for you, with a minimum of fuss and hassle. This is sure to make the writer’s lives easier in 2020.

3. Use different writing topics and subjects

The world is always changing, but it seems that in the academic sphere the same tired old themes tend to crop up time and again.

For example, this may be the same old period from history or the same old literary classics. This seems like it is slowly changing, as more and more academic institutions embrace new themes and tackle the questions that are truly relevant to a 21st-century populace. 2020 and 2021 look set to strengthen this trend in writing.

For example, this might mean that new technology becomes a popular topic, such as newer social media sites, newer cars and appliances, and even near-future technologies like driver-less cars and artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, elements of pop culture are likely to be widely written about the topic in 2020 and 2021. For instance, you could find interesting academic submissions on the rise of influencers in modern society, Fake News and the rise of the alt-right, or even the generational challenge posed by climate change.

All of these are very relevant and engaging themes that are sure to be much discussed in the next academic year. 

Academic writing has never been more important, as facts face-off spurious fiction, and science itself seems to be under attack in elements of the modern media. In this world it is crucial that you can stand out from the crowd.

The best way to do this is by writing in a unique, personal, and authoritative tone, on an interesting and relevant theme, and using the best software tools to help you.

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