How to fix Steam Error Code 105 [Easy Steps]

Are you facing Steam error code 105 while gaming on the Steam platform?

Steam error 105 is a common error on this platform that displays “steam is having trouble connecting to the Steam servers windows 10“.

This can even occur when you have strong internet connectivity.

But this is not really a big error, so don’t get panicked. We are here to discuss easy hacks to solve this error in no time.

The Reason Behind Error Code 105:

Error code 105 Steam is not a difficult error to resolve, but before leaning the hacks, let us understand the reason behind such errors. 

There can be many reasons behind it. Here are some common root causes you are likely to face-

  • Poor internet connectivity resulting in slow servers.
  • AdBlockers when activated on your computer often set off these errors in the game.
  • The server connectivity of the game can be interrupted because of DNS settings.

Some Tips to Try Before You Go with The Hacks:

The hacks are your ultimate solutions to fix the error code in Steam. They call for some changes in the settings. Before you go to the hacks, here are a few remedies you can try to avoid making changes.

  • Unplug your router and give it a moment or two before plugging it again.
  • Plugin the router to the socket.
  • In case the error code persists, it’s time to relocate the modem. Keep your Wi-Fi device away from the modem to boost the strength of the signal. 
  • For situations when the error still exists, you can give the third shot by connecting the computer with your modem, using an ethernet cable.

If none of these simple tips work, it’s time to try the hacks.

How to Fix Steam Error Code 105?

Regardless of the fact, whether you have steam error code 118 or 105, these hacks are going effective every time.

1. Disabling the Ad Blockers

Users have tried using the AdBlocker disabling trick several times when the error occurred, and it seemed to have worked most of the time.

Disabling easy and you can do it smoothly if you follow these.

  • Open your browser and take your mouse to right most corner on the top.
  • Press the “menu” button on the browser corner.
  • From the drop-down list go to “More Tools” and click.
  • In the new drop-down list, click on “Extensions”.
chrome extension
  • If the AdBlocker extension in on, toggle the button to disable it.
  • Close the browser and restart your computer.
  • It’s time to relaunch the Steam game again.

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2. DNS Flushing

Suppose the AdBlocker trick didn’t work. It’s time to try the DNS flushing hack by using the command prompt. A step-by-step guide to flush the DNS would be.

  • Take your mouse to the search bar on your computer taskbar and click to get the cursor. 
  • Type in the word “Command Prompt” to search the app. Don’t click to open the app.
  • As you take your arrow on the app icon and “Right-click”, a pop-up list appears on the right side. 
  • Select “Run as administrator” from the list.
run as administrator windows 10 cmd
  • Type in the command “ipconfig /flushdns” and press the “Enter” button.
ipconfig flush dns
  • Restart your computer and relaunch the Steam gaming platform.


Be it a Steam error code 126 or 118 or 105, everything can be resolved by using these hacks.

But before you hit the hacks try the basic internet check. If nothing works out, you can always uninstall Steam and reinstall to launch afresh.

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