Honey App Reviews 2022: Pros and cons of the Honey App

Who doesn’t like to bargain in this modern world? As we going towards the future we are getting a lot more ways by which we can save a lot of money while we shop.

There are almost 1000’s of ways in which you can save some bucks while you shop. Things like schemes for loyal customers, vouchers with good discounts and a lot more thinks are there to help customers who want to save some money.

People can use those discount coupons without any problem on the app called honey. So herewith are to review the honey app.

What is Honey App?

First of all, let me introduce you to this application known as Honey. Honey is an extension for your browser which is going to automatically look for the discounts and also will also apply while you are browsing a website where you want to shop.

You can download this application for free and it supports many brewers. Some of them are Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and opera.

If you are wondering that the honey app is available on the mobile devices, then sorry to disappoint you but it isn’t.

Although I would say that you will enjoy using it on your computer.

How the Honey App can be used?

It is quite basic to use and anyone can easily install it and use it.

First of all, you will have to download and install the honey app on your desktop or laptop.

To install the application you need to follow these steps:

  1. First, you have to open your web browser and go to the website Joinhoney.com
  1. Then you have to choose the option to add to chrome or whichever browser you are using.
  1. You will have to wait for a few seconds as the website will download the correct extension for your browser automatically.
  1. You have to then click on the option to allow or add an extension if you are promoted by the website.
  1. You can also choose to join with email or you can choose to join with Facebook so that you can also get access to useful extras such as honey gold.

After you are done with the downloading and the installation part, you can check if the icon of the honey app is displayed as an extension on your browser. If it does then congratulations, you are ready to shop.

To use the honey app follow these steps:

  1. First of all, go to the website which you have selected for shopping and further see for the products that you want and select the items you want to get and follow the same procedure that you follow normally. Remember just not to checkout.
  1. Then you will have to click at the icon which is new to your browser and is for a honey app where you could see all the available coupons over there for the store you are surfing.
  1. Then you have to click on apply coupons option available over there and the product will be added to the card with the applied coupon.
  1. Then you have to choose to continue to checkout option and finally complete the whole process in the way you usually do.
  1. You will be able to see that the discount is applied to the product you selected and is reduced form the amount that you had to pay.

On which websites Honey app can be used

Looking at the current state, there are a lot of websites where you can use the honey extension review app for shopping.

If you found out that your favorite store does not support honey then you don’t have to worry because the honey app is always working to add new online stores in their list, so there is a good chance that you could see your favorite store in the honey app list soon.

It is still worth to have a constant check on the app to see if your favorite website is included in your list or not.

There are still many websites that support honey apps such as Amazon, eBay, Nike, Forever 21, and many more.

How you can become a pro in using the Honey app.

  1. If you want to get the most of this app then you should follow their tips.

Whenever you try to buy a product on Amazon, you will see that there is a badge with the price. If you don’t know, then let me tell you that the badge is there to tell you if you are watching the price which is the lowest or not. So you should always check out for the badge before you add that product into your cart.

  1. If you don’t have a lot of time then you can take a look at the honey app. You might even don’t need to surf all the websites for shopping as there as hundreds of coupons from which you can choose your store to shop. You will be easily able to make a decision whether you want to shop from the store you wanted to or you should look for an alternative if the other website is providing you more discount.
  1. If you are in a position in which you have discount coupons which you didn’t found on the Honey, you will be able to use them with Honey’s very own discounts.  You can submit the coupon codes to the Honey app by going to the Honey app’s extension and you can add your discount code in the ‘share a code’ box option available over there.
  1. You can also request the honey app to add your favorite store in their list as soon as possible and the will most likely do so.

Pros and cons of the Honey app.

We all know that nothing is perfect in this world, not even this application. Here we have some of the pros and the cons of this app because you should be aware of both, the good and the bad of everything.

Pros of the Honey app:

  • Very simple and easy to download and install on any desktop or laptop.
  • It takes almost no time to get this application to run.
  • This application is not paid and completely free to use.
  • You can save a lot of time by using this app because when you are using any website, the honey app will automatically run in the background and search for all the coupons and the deals that are available on that website.
  • This application does support many big websites and can be widely used. There are also new stores and outlets added to this application on a daily basis.
  • You can save a lot of money big using this website as you would get to know more and more websites which offer great discounts for the customers.

So these were the pros of this application, now let us look at the cons –

Cons of the honey app:

  • The customer support by them to their users is quite a week and getting an answer to your queries could be quite difficult.
  • If you are using honey travel then you should know that it is owned by some other company and getting a refund from them could be quite difficult.
  • Honey reviews app is still not available for the people who use only mobiles. They are saying that in the future they have something for mobile users too.
  • There are some stages when the coupons are not available to use.
  • Some of the discounts that you will find on their website might have already expired and it could be quite frustrating.
  • Sometimes the app might not work properly and get crashed. Here the big problem is, you will have to start the whole procedure all over again if you want to get the app to work. Also, the items that you added to your card will not be there in it and you have to start your shopping again.

So these were the pros and the cons of the honey app.

There also some other websites which provide you great deals and discounts you can check out such as Cashbackbase, Ebates and many more. I would try to include them in my next article.


So this was our complete honey app reviews. Overall I would like to say this is a very good and useful app if you want to save some money while you are shopping online and also it is very easy to use.

You should just give it a try and share your experience with this application in the comments down below. I hope you liked this article on reviews of the honey app and it was helpful to you and If it was then please let us know in the comments down below.

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