How Businesses Benefit From Opening R&D Centers in Ukraine?

Over the last decade, Information Technology has tremendously developed in Ukraine and became the main revenue of the state budget.

The huge potential of Ukrainian software engineers has been very appreciated and no wonder why Ukraine appears as the best outsourcing country along with opening Research & Development centers.

Many worldwide companies have already chosen this type of outsourcing in Ukraine.

Even though there could be possible risks of opening such centers offshore, these benefits significantly outweigh the barriers and restrictions.

  • Big Talent Pool

One of the main advantages, why so many companies and startups decide to open research and development centers, is the huge number of IT specialists with high education and are ready to offer their services.

Many Ukrainian Universities train their students for various IT fields and the more companies see Ukraine as an outsource provider the more skilled and experienced these students become.

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Their high level of expertise and their constant thirst for knowledge is what makes them attractive to the IT market overseas.

  • Suitable Time Zone

Interaction matters when working with a remote team and you need to be in touch at a time that is convenient for everyone. The time zone in Ukraine is suitable for European and American countries, which makes it more attractive for business collaboration.

In R&D centers, partners work more efficiently, complete their tasks faster, are more productive, and don’t waste time on coordinating decisions.

  • Absence of Legal Restrictions

When you decide to open R&D center in Ukraine you expect several difficulties caused by paperwork, legal hiring of employees, and other legal procedures, but you won’t find them in this country. This explains why so many companies see R&D centers as a big investment for managing your business for success.

Foreign investors are encouraged with the adoption of new laws and are not in doubt to get their profit through development centers offshore. Even the visa application is more simplified which allows easy access to the centers at a suitable time zone and invite Ukrainian specialist to their company’s events and training.

  • Similar Culture

Located between Asia and Europe, absorbing different characteristics from both cultures, Ukraine is increasingly oriented to Western culture, and it adopts its principles and values. This may be ideal for other countries to feel comfortable working with Ukrainian R&D engineers.

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  • Software Development Market Acceleration

In recent years Ukrainian IT market has grown rapidly and has shown significant acceleration.

The demand for Ukrainian developers has increased and it is expected this process will only accelerate more in the future. Undoubtedly, the number of specialists will double the next year, as well as the number of centers for research and development, will increase.

This situation is going on the right track for both sides, for Ukraine to become a source of highly-skilled engineers in a fast-changing IT industry and economically developed countries that are ready to outsource their businesses and achieve their business and use every chance to benefit from them and achieve success.

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