Introduction to Kimbino – The New Brand in the United Kingdom

What they do

Kimbino is a new brand in the United Kingdom that serves as an online catalog for all the successful stores, boutique shops, and supermarkets. They organize all the special deals and offers into categories which makes it fairly easier to look for desired products.

Some of the categories included in the website are Groceries, Electronics, House & Garden, Clothing & Shoes, Department Stores, Health & Beauty, Motor & Car, and more. 

On their website, Kimbino’s has images, descriptions, and pricing of the newest deals from various popular stores. In addition to that, top stores in the grocery section include Lidl, Aldi, Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, and others. The Clothing & Shoes section includes Next, Zara, Primark, H&M, Sportsdirect, whereas from the House & Garden section there are popular stores such as Ikea, Homebase, Screwfix, DFS, B&Q, etc. They want their website to be as accessible as possible for people to easily find what they are looking for. 

Furthermore, online brochures for various items, which are easily accessible on Kimbino’s website, usually allow you quicker entry to the stores’ most exclusive offers, discounts, and daily deals.

Their leaflets help you especially, if you don’t know any places that have items you’re searching for, or if you want to compare costs between stores.

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Helpful during the pandemic  

Besides, Kimbino’s online leaflets for various supermarkets helped people with their shopping during that hardest hit of COVID-19. Specifically, when it comes to planning and organizing items of products without feeling the need to leave your house and browse supermarkets during a pandemic.

The easy access to the leaflets they provide of different discounts and offers has especially helped people in saving time and managing their costs in a definitely major way. 

During the pandemic, Kimbino has introduced its users to affordable products of cleaning supplies, bathroom materials, clothing, and groceries to name a few, when people desperately had and needed to save money as well as social distance.

People didn’t need to risk the chances of getting infected by pushing loaded carts of groceries through an already crowded supermarket.

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Instead of browsing Kimbino’s online leaflets and having already chosen and ordered their groceries, clothing, or bathroom supply items, people would just go to the supermarket and have their products packed and ready to be picked up.

Easy and convenient to access

Additionally, because of the simplicity, easy access, and sustainability, Kimbino’s online leaflets are a lot more convenient compared to traditional ones. Checking for discounts and buying things online has become a big part of people’s lives.

Both customers and brands, including Kimbino, have embraced online offerings, leaflets, and sales as a more cost-effective and easy method to shop. Online leaflets allow people to check and purchase from the comfort of their homes without having to deal with a salesperson especially in the midst of a pandemic.

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What is really convenient about these online leaflets is that you won’t have to waste time walking from walk aisle to aisle, checking for discounts individually, or seeking a specific item. In addition to that, they present you with a wide product variety of different categories of high-quality and cost-effective products. 

Their digital leaflets have much higher readability and comprehension scores, unlike traditional banner advertising or brochures. Furthermore, users have the option of changing the viewing angles or zoom levels to suit their demands or degree of comfort.

Environmental friendly brand 

In contrast to traditional leaflets which are likely to be damaging to the environment, Kimbino took into consideration the safety of the environment when they started the business by making their leaflets online.

Making every effort to protect the environment reveals a lot about a company’s vision and mission.

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At Kimbino, they believe that people deserve special deals and offers on the different stores that they partner with while also protecting the environment. Their leaflets and brochure are all free, in digital format, and may be viewed every day at any time of the day using a computer or smartphone. 

Because the leaflets are in digital format that allows Kimbino to rapidly update items and other information such as prices, discounts, or special offers without using any paper or ink.

This increases and supports afforestation while also protects people from the effects of any eco disasters.

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