How to play a PUBG Tournament

Who hasn’t heard of PUBG yet? Well, PUBG is a household name for all gaming enthusiasts. The game has captured the entire attention of the younger generation.

Today, youngsters spend hours glued to their mobiles and laptops playing a game of PUBG. The game comes with multiple variations which makes it all the more entertaining. You can also take part in the PUBG tournament and play your game along with your teammates.

You can also take the help of pubg aimbot to fare well in the game. So, here, in our blog, we are going to talk about how exactly you can play your PUBG tournament in a highly professional way.

Create your tournament: You will be able to create your own PUBG tournament from your Organize Dashboard. You will also be able to configure the different settings of the tournament and set your levels according to the choices.

You will be able to configure the settings even while the match is on. Once you have created your tournament, you can open the registration so that the potential participants can become a part of your tournament.

You should also try to promote your tournament on a regular basis to acquire more participants.

Create your team: Next, you will have to create your team from your team’s category. This option is present at the right navigation bar of your interface. You can include different players in your team whom you find to be potential for the match.

You can also select a creative name for your tea, by which people are going to recognize your team. Once you have set your name, the Create Name window will appear from where you will have to confirm the team creation 

Invite players to the team: You will also be able to invite other players to become a part of your team. In order to invite new players, you will have to search for them using their username.

You will also be able to invite more players by directly sending them the invite link to your tournament. As soon as you invite a player, he or she will receive a notification about it.

It is the player’s choice if he wants to accept or decline your invitation. In case the player accepts your invitation, you are going to get a new player on your PUBG team.

Manage your team: You will be able to gain access to a team page from where you will be able to easily manage your team. You can easily navigate through the team page by hovering your mouse over the different team options.

This will show you details of the team. You can also view the profile of the team members and get to know more about the team from the team profile page. You can navigate to the settings tab easily and add or remove members from your team.

You can also edit the team options and share the details of your team on various social media profiles. You will also be able to add lo logo for your team and make yourself recognisable.

How to participate in an existing tournament?

Select your tournament: In order to participate in an existing tournament, you will have to look for the tournament that you want to participate in. This can be done from the Your Games options present under the PUBG tab. When you visit the PUBG overview page, you will get the list of PUBG tournaments that are currently trending.

You can search for the features of each of the tournaments and join the tournament that you want to participate in.

Join the tournament: Once you have a shortlisted your tournament, you will have to participate in it. This can be done by clicking on the join tournament option which is present at the rightmost corner of your page.

Send your confirmation: Once you have given your participation in a tournament, you will have to confirm your participation. Once you confirm your participation, you will be able to reserve your spot in the tournament.

And this is how you can play in a PUBG tournament. In case you have some other suggestions in mind, do inform us about them.

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