A Guide to Make Your Computer Activities Faster

Are you willing to work more efficiently, but your digital device is becoming a barrier on its way? Is it hard for you to afford to update your PC? Do not worry, you can still make a lot out of your old computer. 

All you need is some easy tips to keep your computer journey faster and easier. Here are some free-of-cost ways to keep your activities on your computer smooth and fast. 

How to Insert a PDF into Word on Your Computer?

The process of inserting a pdf into word document is straightforward. You have to first open Word on your computer. Then, you need to open the document you would like to add as a PDF. Then, you have to place the cursor where you want to attach the PDF. 

Now, you have to select the Insert option from the top of the Word Window. You have to go to the Text group and select the Object icon from there. Now, select the option From File from the visible pop-up menu.

Select your chosen PDF file and click on the Insert option. And that is how you insert a PDF file into a Word document.

How to Connect Your Computer to a TV?

If you didn’t know before, yes, you can connect your PC with Windows 10 with your TV. You can either use the project option, where you connect your PC with your TV using a cable. Or, you can connect them using the Connecting option that goes for a wireless connection. 

This method can be achieved by using the wireless display option on your smart TV. The last way is to use the Windows Settings, which requires you to use the Bluetooth services of your PC to form a wireless connection between your computer and your TV. These are the three easy ways to connect these two devices. 

How to Increase the Battery Life of Your Computer?

Who doesn’t want more battery life while working or getting stuck on a game? Shortage of battery lifespan can be problematic at times, and there is a solution to this drawback.

Having a battery manager can make you more efficient with your computer usage, so it is recommended to be more familiar with how a computer’s hardware works.

Windows has a built-in Battery saver, and Mac has inbuilt Energy saver options. Enabling them can help you in tracking your battery usage and reduce excess battery wastage. 

How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts while Working on Your Computer?

If you learn a few keyboard shortcuts, it makes working on your computer way more easy and efficient. Though it is time taking to memorize the keyboard shortcuts and apply them, once you master them, your computer journey becomes a lot simpler. 

For instance, Windows key + E opens the File Explorer option. Alt + F4 closes the currently opened window.

These keyboard controls can be easily found on the internet, and once you can remember them, as per your requirements, you can work more fluently on your computer. This is how you use your keyboard for a better computer journey.

How to Make Your Browser Remember Your Password?

It is easier to access when your browser remembers your password, and you have no risk of forgetting it. If you have not already saved your password on your computer’s browser, you still have the scope to do it. You can also save a lot of time by adding your password to your browser. 

To do so, when your computer pops up with the save option while you type your password, you have to select the save option. That way, you can save your password and never have to retype it again. 

How to Get What You Search for Faster?

Sometimes, when you want to find a file, it is tough to remember where you saved it before, especially if the file is old enough. Also, clicking through different menus one after another is time taking and not an efficient way of working on your computer. 

To solve this problem, you can easily create shortcuts for the menu command of any app in your Mac. If you are a Windows user, you can make a shortcut to open any app you want within a flash. 

How to Make Your Browsing More Efficient?

If you spend a lot of time on the internet browsing the web, you would love to make it smoother and faster, won’t you? For that, you can use software that helps you with a notepad that provides you reminders or makes your browsing faster. This way, you can make your internet experience better. 

Final Words

These are some of the ways you can make your experience with your Windows PC or your Mac better and make it smooth and fast using these tips and tricks. Have fun using your computer now!

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