Need Better Ads? WASK Can Help You

Digital advertising is an ever-growing industry that helps lots of people and corporations to find their customers. It is highly profitable even though you involve with that for your small business. However, it can get really complicated, especially in terms of tracking, optimizing and managing multiple ad accounts.

Here is WASK, software to solve every single problem about digital ads. WASK is an online platform that enables you to easily manage all your digital ad accounts. Users can design, create, manage and optimize their Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads, can see and report the vital metrics, automate ads and benefit from the AI-backed algorithm.

The most important aspect of it is the ease of use. Because the main goal is to make everyone manage their ads like professionals. Even beginners and those who want to start from scratch can place ads and get better in digital advertising in no time.

Once you connect your Facebook or Google ad account or both, the user panel becomes a single screen to track and manage all the ads. You can see digital marketing metrics such as total clicks you get from your ads, CPM, CPC, CTR, and many more.

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All together shows you how efficient your ads are. And you can edit your ads easily from the area located just below the metrics.

WASK hugely benefits from AI in terms of the target audience. AI finds the perfect target audience for you based on your website and your social media accounts. An audience can be edited using areas of interest, region, age, gender. It also has a Facebook Pixel integration. It gives you a more accurate target audience, and it means better ads. Your ad budget will not be wasted on the wrong audiences.

When your audience is ready, now it is time to creating ads. WASK recently published a Design Tool that is an easy-to-use, simple way to create ad images. Also, it’s fun too!

Ads Design

It provides plenty of free templates, stock images, shapes, and emojis. Everything you need to design a good social media ad. It also has a Layers section that helps you edit quicker. You can publish your ad immediately when your design is ready. Also, WASK has a media library to store images for future use.

Once your ad image is ready, publishing an ad is really easy. You select whether you want to publish Google, Facebook, or Instagram ads and it is done in seconds. Once you have published an ad, it’s possible to edit it later. Performance scores can give you insights into which ad needs to be edited.

The other features come into the scene after you have published several ads. Autopilot and Scheduler help you automate the ads to gain more with less effort.

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Autopilot stops, deletes, or changes budgets according to metrics you set. The Scheduler enables you to place ads when you are not available, let’s say while you are on a trip on a weekend.

A/B Test and Performance Comparison find the best ads for you by comparing several ads. You can keep the better-performing one and delete the worse-performing ad. It gives a constantly increasing quality to your digital advertising efforts. 

These and many more features help users to get more customers and more clicks while spending less. You can expect expensive prices from this much quality, however, pricing is really affordable. It starts at 9$ per month. You can check the pricing from here. WASK also offers 15 days of free period for those who want to try. The software does not require payment or credit card info until the free trial ends. You can sign up on and start to create smart ads.

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