The Influence of Technology on Online Casinos

It seems like almost every day there are new technological advancements designed to make our lives easier. There are apps that can help us with seemingly everything in life, and nearly all devices are fitted with an AI helper who can perform simple tasks for us.

Then there are the ways technology has transformed how we spend our free time. Developments in video game design mean that we can now play a live game with cutting edge graphics, competing against other players around the world.

But this isn’t just restricted to the latest PlayStation or Xbox games, as these same developments have also helped revolutionise the online casino industry. In the past decade, virtual casinos have overtaken physical casinos in overall revenue, and it’s all thanks to how new developments have helped to seamlessly recreate the real thing in the digital world.

How technology has influenced online casinos

In 1998, betting exchanges first noticed the power of the internet, with leading brands making their online debut. Alongside this, the first online poker and bingo sites first emerged, allowing users to play along online.

A lot has changed in the past 23 years, with the online gambling industry growing like a juggernaut to an estimated $41.4 billion in global revenue by 2015. Go to for a list of the top online casinos right now.

But what has been driving the migration of players from traditional casinos to the online world? Well, there are a number of reasons.

Firstly, players are offered far more incentives to sign up for online casino and betting sites than they are when entering a traditional casino setting. If you’ve signed up to a casino website you’ll likely be offered plenty of free spins on slot games, and betting sites have similar incentives to get you to place that first bet.

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Every major casino provider in the UK now has its own dedicated website and app, making playing far more accessible than ever before. The introduction of dedicated apps, specifically tailored to smartphone and tablet users, is one of the key drivers of growth in the industry – now, people can play on the go, rather than wait until they’re back home and at their computer screen.

And the main area where physical casinos struggle to compete is the sheer range of games that are available to play. Users aren’t limited to just poker and a couple of slots to choose from, with hundreds of different games available at the click of a button.

How the player experience has improved with online casinos

There are already several ways in which the online casino experience has improved in recent years. For starters, game developers have created a virtual experience designed to mimic the real thing.

Cutting edge graphics can now emulate the look of a real casino, and you can compete against real players around a virtual table, which often boasts a live dealer. And this extends to the slot machines too, which have been enhanced by bright visuals and an immersive soundtrack, all created to further envelop the player in the game and make them forget they’re not really sat in a casino.

And it isn’t just about the games – online casino operators have worked to ensure that players have a safe and secure experience. All leading operators fork out millions every year to ensure their platforms are free from cyber attacks designed to steal the money and personal information from players.

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They all hire experts to prevent their sites being taken down by orchestrated DDoS attacks, with additional steps taken including secure payment options and SSL encryption of all personal data. Some sites even offer incentives to players who use cryptocurrency on transactions, due to blockchain technology being designed to be unhackable.

Future online casino developments

The gaming experience has already vastly developed in the past ten years – so, where can it go from here? Many are predicting that virtual and augmented reality casino experiences will finally take off in the coming years.

These will serve to fully immerse the player in the most realistic virtual casino setting yet, offering the experience of being at a poker table from the comfort of their living room. Some of these technologies are already available on smartphones, but the technology is set to become even more photorealistic.

There are also predictions that there will be more dedicated casino games on smartwatches. The first watch that allowed users to play slot games with just a flick of the wrist was launched back in 2017, but progress since then has been slow.

Casino games are available, but many major casino brands have yet to launch dedicated smartwatch options. With the devices remaining must-have gadgets, that may soon change.

The online casino industry has been transformed in just over a decade. Who knows what major advancements the next ten years will bring.

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