Things You Should Be Aware Of Regarding Industrial Personal Computer Panels

Since the days when membrane-key-equipped workhorses were the standard, industrial panel computers have gone a long way. Some even are waterproof touch panels. Your company will be brought into the 21st century using the vast array of innovative features offered by today’s cutting-edge Panel PC systems.

1. Processing that uses very little power and has no fans

Launching the Intel® Atom CPU is one, if not the most significant, step forward in designing industrial panel PCs. This central processing unit does not require any fan and operates with much less space within the system. 

Because it does not have a fan that draws electricity, it may easily conserve more energy than older, outdated Panels. Other systems use Intel’s widely used and highly effective Core(TM)2 Duo/Quad family to bring flexibility and power to their operations.

2. Ultra Slim Design

The next generation of industrial panel computers has very little in common with its larger predecessors. The evolution of CPUs has made it possible for computers to be mounted in surroundings with significantly less available space. 

Front bezels made of sleek materials are made from industrial-grade material and are resistant to corrosion. The newest Touch-Panel systems also have a fantastically designed look.

3. Interconnections

Freedom includes both optional and standard compatibility with wireless WLAN networks. Your brand-new system is now capable of acting as a completely independent personal computer in addition to serving as an operating console. Install it anywhere your requirements call for it, then link it to your WLAN network (IEEE 802.11b or 802.11g).

4. Technology for Further Growth

Panel computers are similar to their relatives, the Rackmount Computers, in that they accept expansion technologies. Do not be fooled by the compact form factor of these computers. Not only can your system function independently without the need for Ethernet connections, but it also has the capability of supporting two PCI Slot devices.

5. Price Point

The fact that you can get your hands on one of today’s high-tech and fully-functional Industrial Panel computers for a reasonable price is perhaps the most significant thing you didn’t know about these computers. 

You can install an elegant 8.4 “TFT touch-screen Panel PC available for less than $1400 and equip with a fanless Intel® Atom 1.6 GHz CPU. To obtain more power, you may host two PCI devices in a 17 “. For $2400, you can purchase a TFT Industrial Panel PC equipped with an Intel® 2.4 GHz CoreTM 2 Duo CPU, WLAN connection, and two hard drives with up to 1 terabyte each.


Your company won’t have any trouble taking advantage of the functionality and adaptability offered by today’s most recent Industrial Panel PCs. 

These high-tech systems may be correctly configured for a wide variety of specific industrial applications by suppliers with the necessary expertise. When you become familiar with all of the brand-new functions that an Industrial Panel PC offers, you will wonder how your company ever functioned without one.

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