What is Camera Side Handle, and Why is it Important

Camera side handles are camera accessories designed to assist with camera movement and enhance shooting stability, while offering multiple shooting solutions to fit different applications in various scenarios.

On top of that, some exceedingly quality camera side handles also provide the users with extra mounting points for other accessories (such as the microphone, LED light or monitor).

In videography specifically, equipment plays a rather important role. A camera side handle, for instance, provides the user with a smooth handheld video shooting experience, and those investing in ones that are both useful and qualified will surely notice a difference.

But which camera side handle should I invest in? How do I know which features are critical, while others are less relevant? If you are asking the same question, this article is right for you. Come and check the most indispensable features of a good camera side handle!

Five Must-have Features of a Good Camera Side Handle

We have concluded 5 features that good camera side handles usually possess:

1- Ergonomic

If a camera side handle is not designed to be ergonomic, then it is not a value-for-money investment. In video or photo shooting, you are definitely working with your camera for a long time, and comfortability matters the most. When a handle does not fit your hand, it is not built for long-term usage and WILL decrease your productivity!

An ergonomic camera side handle, on the other hand, allows you to grip on and hold your camera securely, easily and cozily.



2- Sturdy Yet Lightweight

Additionally, a good camera side must be durable yet lightweight. Can you imagine any coziness and efficiency when you have your sore and sweaty hands tired of holding a camera heavier than usual? That would be a big negative point.

3- Expansion

A good camera side handle should be the one with brilliant expansion. We all come upon a time when there is a need to connect extra accessories to your camera.

While a poorly designed camera side handle leaves no room for other accessories, a good one offers multiple mounting points for this purpose considerably.



4- Multi-Angle Rotation

A multi-angle, preferably 360° rotation, is a key for an ideal camera side handle. This feature enables the handle to provide the user with a perfect CG position as well as angle for viewing the screen, without forcing the users’ wrists to bear any pain and struggle with the movements. 



5- Quick Assembly and Disassembly

A mediocre designer merely focuses on the product itself, while a professional designer takes the bigger picture into consideration. The same principle applies to the camera side handle as well. A good camera side handle is capable of quick assembly and disassembly, so as to cooperate with other accessories and accelerate the entire process. This feature not only makes assembling and disassembling easier but also saves time for the user.

SmallRig Universal Rotating NATO Side Handle 3847

After introducing all the features that a good camera side handle should have, admittedly, it can be difficult to find all of these in a single product without compromising on the quality or the reliability factor. 

If you are wondering now whether there is any good recommendation? Well, there is! SmallRig Universal Rotating NATO Side Handle 3847 has all of the features mentioned above in this latest model. It’s highly lightweight since made out of lightweight materials like magnesium alloy and carbon fiber. It can rotate to 360 degrees with the help of the provided unlock button and can fit in either of your hands due to its ergonomic design. 

Other than this, SmallRig NATO side handle also has several mounting points allowing the user to plug in devices such as monitors, LED lights, etc. There is also a spanner for ease of access and of course a NATO rail as well. With its brilliant expandability, multi-scene shooting solutions, lightweight combination, and rotation, this SmallRig side handle must not be missed. To sweeten the deal, now it is hot sold with discount!

SmallRig is the answer to all your photography-related accessory requirements. SmallRig has the edge in the photography accessory market because of its unique line of products that are always improving with newer and more efficient features. Whether you need a high-quality matte box or a camera side handle, SmallRig should be anyone’s preference if they want to invest in quality photography accessories.

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