This Week’s Latest Surprises in RuneScape 3

Welcome to another installment of our weekly gaming guides; this week, we’re exploring a new week in RS3 and what that entails. October 17th has seen a fresh start, which means RuneScape is bringing some new content, this time in the form of new Wilderness and mini-quests.

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New Wilderness Skills and Flash Events

This autumn, Jagex is expanding the Wilderness to go beyond combat. They’re regularly bringing in new events to ensure players like our readers can hike up those XP gains. Not only that, but the combat segment is getting its upgrade. The combat encounters will have some new twists to enjoy too. But it doesn’t end there; some existing bosses will also have improved drop rates. It just keeps getting better!

Flash Events

Each hour, players are granted access to one of thirteen possible events. They are repeated, so you’ll get many chances to earn XP. Combat players and skillers will both have plenty to keep them busy.

These easy-to-digest scenarios include skilling activities, combat encounters (perhaps confronting the King Black Dragon!), and Mining a Fallen Star.

Best of all? There are no level or quest requirements to these Flash Events, so everyone can get in amongst the action!


Each event you complete offers XP and loot from the Flash Event loot table. There are also additional special rewards you could get your hands on:

A character-based enchantment known as a Dark Onyx Core will drop in unique encounters. Once activated, it can transform specific high-end skilling items into more powerful versions of themselves.

Dark Onyx Core Compatible Items

  • Grace of the Elves
  • Luck of the Dwarves
  • Passage of the Abyss

You can also nab yourself the new Wilderness Obelisk and Flash Event Teleports.

Key Points to Participate

To get into the action, visit the Wilderness Flash Event Hosts. You can find Nikkei and the Wangering Ramokee in Edgeville. They will be located near the Wilderness Wall.

Another way to stay in the loop about ongoing events is to track them. You can do this via the Distractions and Diversions menu.

Mini Quests

For those on the hunt for even more content, you’ll be glad to hear Jagex is bringing three new mini-quests. So that will give players a nice chunk of content to focus on before the final big quest of the year. However, Jagex is keeping the finer details to themselves for now, but there are some things we do know.

Once deep into the Wilderness, you’ll encounter the quests, and you’ll need to complete them if you want to get to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Infernal Puzzle Box upgrades. The first of these is titled “Civil War Part 1,” and completing it will grant you access to the third Infernal Puzzle Box reward. This reward prevents adrenaline from draining outside combat and provides a small XP lamp.

The second of the new mini-quest series is Civil War Part 2. This segment ties in with the new Wilderness Flash events and unlocks the fourth Internal Puzzle Box reward once completed. This reward offers a 25% XP boost to Brawling Gloves and an additional small XP Lamp.

Jagex will announce the third part of this mini-quest series in a future update, and once it is, we’ll be sure to inform you of the needed steps to get that final Internal Puzzle Box reward!

How to Partake

The first thing you will need to have done before considering these mini-quests is to complete Daughter of Chaos.

 To start the first part of the Civil War mini-quests, you must head to Falador Castle, specifically, the throne room. Once you do so, you should notice a pop-up. This pop-up should provide you with the option “Legacy of Zamorak” select it and begin.

To access the second part of these quests, you will need to visit Anne Dimitri in the Wilderness; you’ll find her northeast of Edgeville.

The third quest, as mentioned, is yet to be finalized with the finer details; but as we said, we’ll keep you in the loop!

Thanks for Reading!

Other big thanks to our loyal readers for trusting us to keep them up to date with the gaming world. We hope you found all you needed in our RuneScape Weekly Update guide and that your gaming endeavors are as satisfying as they can be! We have much more where that came from, so stay tuned for another weekly dose of gaming fun!

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