Top 6 YouTube Video Downloader You Must Try

Online video streaming has changed the way we access information. The advent of YouTube as the dominant platform had accelerated this change massively. 

However, this platform only allows you to stream videos. You can’t download anything from it natively. For that, you’ll need a YouTube video downloader of some kind. Today we’ll show you our picks for the top 6 downloaders on the market.

What Makes a Good YouTube Video Downloader? 

Downloading videos from the internet takes a bit more involvement than just clicking that download button in your software of choice. You’ll want to know what resolutions are available, what formats are supported, and much more! 

An increasing percentage of new TVs and displays are running 4k as standard. If you use a downloader that only offers Full HD, chances are that the video you download isn’t going to look crisp on a 4k display. The folks who made Viddly’s YouTube Downloader were one of the first to anticipate the need for 4k and even 8k video download. All of these factors matter when you’re choosing the right software for your specific needs. 

To make things easier, here’s a shortlist of factors to look for: 

  • Supported resolution 
  • Supported formats (both video and audio)
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Ease of use

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At the top of our list, we have Viddly. This software offers a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the format and resolution of the video. It comes free, but there is also a paid Pro version that allows you to access advanced features. 

Things such as downloading entire playlists, downloading 4k and 8k video, and similar is reserved for Pro users. Going for the paid versions opens up rare features such as live stream downloading, the ability to download entire channels, and much more.

That being said, Viddly’s free version is pretty powerful as well. Since it runs on your computer instead of online, you’re getting optimal performance and fast speeds. Overall, Viddly hits the sweet spot.

Video Downloader 

4K Video Downloader also has a free and paid version, both of which are great. The free version is pretty flexible in terms of resolution and formats you can choose. However, where this software falls short is daily quotas. 

If you’re a free user, you get to download up to 30 videos a day. Granted, that’s not an issue for most users. However, if you want to archive a channel with a massive library of videos, you might find these limitations irritating.

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Fortunately, the paid version isn’t too expensive and offers unlimited downloads and many other interesting features. 


The third spot on our list belongs to something completely different compared to our previous two picks. Youtube-dl is an awesome script that does the job of conventional downloaders. However, it’s command based. 

In other words, you’ll need to use various command prompt commands to download and convert videos. Because of this, Youtube-dl is reserved for more tech-inclined users that don’t necessarily require a GUI to find their bearing.

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One of the best perks of running a script like this is speed. It’s such a light piece of software and it does everything lightning fast.

WinX YouTube Downloader

WinX is up there with the best when it comes to its free version. You’re getting 4k video, various formats, and generally a smooth experience for free. The only reason why this option is so low on our list is the fact that it doesn’t offer audio extraction. 

Today ripping audio from YT videos is one of the main reasons why people use this type of software anyway. If making an awesome MP3 playlist isn’t something you’re interested in, WinX might be the right choice for you.

YTD Video Downloader 

If you’ve been around when YouTube first became popular, you’ve probably heard of YTD video downloaders.

This is one of the first software of this kind to reach widespread use around the world. It is still a popular option, but it’s no longer the best.

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The free version of the software is fairly limited in what it offers. You can only download one video at a time, and the download speeds are fairly slow compared to most other options on this list.

However, there’s more to YTD. It features a built-in player and even a basic video editor. 

Free YouTube Download

Lastly, there’s the Free YouTube Download. This downloader features a clean UI, super-fast processing, and is lightweight. However, it can only download videos that are a few minutes long at best.

The only way to extend the length of videos you can download is to get the paid version of the software.

All of our picks have a proven track record and are all safe for use. At the end of the day, there are plenty of awesome options out there. The trick is finding one that best fits your needs.

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