Top Internet Providers in Rural America

Finding a reliable and sturdy internet connection is hard and becomes an even more difficult task, especially if you are located in a rural town! But just because options for rural internet might be limited that doesn’t mean you have to worry! Thankfully, the telecom industry is working hard to ensure that this digital divide can be lessened, sooner than later. So that you too, can enjoy some of the best internet services, just like the ones enjoyed by major urban centers in the country!

Aspects You Need to Look Before You Go Internet Shopping for Any Rural ISP

Purchasing a rural ISP for your home network is slightly different than getting a city-based one. However, if you are new to rural internet options, these few pointers might just help you. Here’s what you need to look for:

  • First things first, know that not all internet connections can be installed at home. Therefore, if your rural town does have a cable infrastructure setup then we suggest that you go for it
  • Most cable-based infrastructure has been upgraded across the U.S., now offering a hybrid coax cable network. It is comparatively faster than traditional cable as it employs fiber in the last mile, effectively making it one of the most popular internet connections across the country!
  • Rural ISP options are more on the affordable side of the spectrum. However, with rural internet, speed, and service reliability are two factors that you need to look at – more realistically!

Uber-Fast ISPs – Ideal for Any Location in Rural America!

You may have some of the popular internet providers available to you but if they don’t offer the stability or the speed like the ones offered in the metros, then it’s just a waste of your time and money.

Here are some of our favorites that are ideal for any location in rural America and completely worth your money too!

Rise Broadband

This internet service is considered one of the best options for rural areas across the nation. Rise Broadband offers a fixed wireless connection for a reasonable price tag. What further makes it top-rated as a network is that it aims to deliver high-speed access, just like the one received by its urban counterpart. No wonder this fixed wireless option is truly considered a ray of hope by the rural population. Add in elements like pocket-friendly charges, quicker connection, and much easier to deploy and you have an option that’s truly worth it!

About Rise Broadband
Service CoverageAvailable in 18 states
Price RangeBetween $35 to $70 per month
Speeds OfferedDelivers internet speeds within a range of 5 Mbps to 50 Mbps.
Data CapsA basic limit of 250 GB and unlimited data are offered with some internet plans
Internet EquipmentYes


Another ISP that’s considered a major winner when it comes to serving technologically-backward areas is CenturyLink. Known for its super-fast connection and deft customer support that has simply elevated satisfaction regarding connectivity within the rural region, CenturyLink has become the go-to service network for most rural communities in the country! The best part is that this ISP provides two different types of internet connections, both opposite of each other – DSL & Fiber Optic. No wonder it is favored by so many Americans living in remote regions across the nation! Get CenturyLink and experience nothing but excellent service at terrific rates that will simply blow you away!

About CenturyLink
Service CoverageAvailable in 17 states
Price Range$50 to $70 and so on
Speeds OfferedDownload within the range of 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps
Data CapsNone/unlimited data
Internet EquipmentNone

Xtream by Mediacom

Not everyone can afford a speedy service provider or a pricey one but this doesn’t mean that your household can’t get access to one! Take the example of Xtream by Mediacom. Offering a coax cable internet connection doesn’t only keep up with the evolving requirements of the industry but ensures that consumer demand is duly met as well. So, if you are located in the Midwest and are in search of top-notch service, then go for Xtream Mediacom for it never disappoints! Moreover, this ISP serves as a smart and reliable alternative without breaking the bank, so you never have to worry about your monthly budget going haywire!

About Xtream By Mediacom
Service CoverageAvailable in 22 states
Price RangeMonthly internet plans start from $24.99 in select areas
Speeds OfferedUpto 1 Gig
Data CapsSet between 100 GB to 3000 GB
Internet EquipmentNone


Amongst popular options, one type of internet connection that’s often not given its due is a satellite internet connection. As an underrated option that one might get in a remote location, this surprises target audiences the most. And what better network to get than the one offered by HughesNet? No wonder, it is America’s favorite satellite service! Interestingly, HughesNet offers a highly-reliable and speedy service despite being a satellite provider. However, in comparison to other types of internet connections, this is still quite far behind. Yet it doesn’t break the budget and is easily available everywhere in the country, making it ideal for all those people, who are situated in major rural areas across the U.S.

About HughesNet
Service CoverageAvailable in all 50 states of the U.S.
Price RangeStarting from $49.99 per month
Speeds OfferedUpto 25 Mbps and Fusion 200 GB plan has a download speed of 50 Mbps
Data Caps15 to 200 GB
Internet EquipmentYes

Wrapping It Up,

So there you go, just some of the top rural ISPs that are super speedy as anything! Searching for a reliable yet fast-speed internet service may seem daunting since rural America is still trying to catch up with its urban counterpart. Yet that in no way means that work is not being done to make it more accessible. With technological advancements underway, know that you may not get typical options but the ones mentioned above are no less and have been successful in enhancing the digital lives of rural residents as well!

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