Focus On Top Marketing Technology Trends & Growth Strategies Of 2022

The digital industry is changing too fast; It is tricky to keep up with marketing technology trends every day! However, there are many parts that support a successful digital marketing strategy to keep up with every aspect. Amid the pandemic, people went online to research, review, and purchase which is why B2B and B2C companies have transformed themselves across sectors. This transformation has made a huge impact on the market and digital marketers as well.

However, the reopening of societies saw slumps in online sales and web traffic to help marketers and digital leaders navigate the new landscape. The comprehensive view of business growth strategies reviewed here will help you understand developments coming down the line:

#1 TikTok Will Continue to Grow

Talking about social media, TikTok must definitely be considered in your marketing plan. The rapid rise of the TikTok app has reached one billion users. The app has incredible engagement that offers various brands the opportunity to make their video viral. And in terms of revenue, TikTok was the top-earning app in 2021 with $110 million. The earning potential of marketers is seen who want to drive sales among consumers. Influencers have played a major role in the success of the platform by earning huge amounts through deals. Brands are beginning to see potential and a high reach of the audience on TikTok.

#2 Explode YouTube Advertising

From advertising to content, YouTube is going to explode this year.  YouTube’s global revenue grew to nearly $29 billion this year, putting the social media platform at war with Netflix. Channels, direct response ads, and brand advertising are more attractive to YouTube now. Everyone can take advantage by cultivating smart YouTube advertising business growth strategies. 

#3 Artificial Intelligence Will Hinder Data Privacy

Breaching data while putting people at risk has been a regular headline in latest years. As the digital world operates more and more, hacking sensitive data becomes a real concern for customers and brands. Due to AI, people’s data is being collected without their knowledge through search engine algorithms. As the process evolves, their ability to intrude on people’s privacy increases. According to the latest study done in marketing technology trends state that 40% of privacy compliance technology is expected to use Artificial Intelligence in 2023, and global spending on privacy will reach around $8 billion this year. But how to gather information while staying within bounds of privacy law requirements. Well, there are many opportunities to use AI in many ways and still protect the privacy of people.

#4 Interact with customers

These days consumers are hungry for information; they want straight answers to their queries in the online space. Whether social media or chat, they seek conversational desire for answers. This is one of the best business growth strategies to engage the audience with your website. It can reap huge rewards for B2C and B2B brands if done right. But if you are not good at communication or are slow to respond, there is a risk of turning customers off and away! Customers now even expect brands to answer them at 2 AM. They won’t wait till morning to get a response in triplicate. Hence, frictionless, conversational customer experience will be the most important aspect of 2022. Big messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook have become great mediums for communication and providing customer service. Chatbots have been around for a long time, but in recent few years, there has been increasing use by brands for customer support.

#5 Understand Your Data WIth Google Analytics

Last year Google Analytics announced an update for its platform. The update had an extreme impact on marketing technology trends.   This version helped marketers to get better ROI from their business growth strategies using machine learning. It also offered helpful insights and helped understand customers all around. There are five keynotes that you must consider:

  • Granular data controls
  • ML that drives smart insights to identify trends
  • Customer-focused data measurement
  • Better Google ad integration
  • Privacy-centric Website

Google Analytics has a lot been in the news recently. Now businesses need to get through a website, record data, and understand the movements of the site while the cookies are still going. Therefore, creating a new ‘Google Analytics 4’ property is a must alongside your existing properties to stay updated with future improvements.

#6 Plan for Responsive Search Ads

Another major change in 2020 that affected marketing technology trends is the removal of Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) from Google. The change is done to using automation through ad products as companies move to use Responsive Search Ads (RSA) now. Although Google is expected to stop running text ads in July 2022, you have to start planning responsive text ads creatively. This is because we need to get the search history up to and in the system. Some experts believe, ” In July this year, those text ad types which were the default in Google Ads are definitely gone”! businesses that rely on paid marketing and Google Ads must take a number of steps to change the ad campaigns.

  • Test Expanded Text Ads in search response and format to see what works well.
  • Look in for combining Responsive Search Ads, broad match keywords, and Smart Bidding.
  • Pin headlines and proper descriptions in responsive ads
  • Check your business account’s ‘Recommendations’ page as it may offer you some customized suggestions
  • Try RSA ad variation

#7 Invest in Answer-Based Content

Answer-based content helps you enhance your organic search. But there are other reasons as well to create this type of SEO content, and people are looking for it. The rise in conventional business growth strategies also increases voice searches which certainly account for 20% of Google searches. Well, it’s all about a better direct approach from consumers because they want information and ask questions on the internet to get it quicker. Google is becoming a search engine less, and an answers engine more. You have to teach this and move towards answering questions in your content. Follow the steps given below:

Revisit a customer’s persona– Determine what issues they are having and what solutions your business can provide. Then, check if that be made in blog or videos to generate traffic. If you don’t have that, you can download the templates.

Use tools to find trendy questions– Browse the listening tools, which provide great insights into what people are asking. Conducting audience research is as easy as sending an email to engaged subscribers or asking for reviews on social media platforms.

Create an FAQ Schema– You can also use a unique code to tell search engines that the content is developed in Q&A format. This way, it can rank higher than other content.

Quality content with relevance– The content you created to answer questions should not just do that. In addition to this, use it as an opportunity to sell your product or service.

Marketing technology trends to follow in 2022

Become a Digital Marketing Pro by following the right business growth strategies! Whether you are starting or becoming an expert, utilize this year to sharpen and polish your skills. Learn the latest marketing technology trends from SEO to website optimization to analytics, PPC, social media, and email marketing. Everything needs successful digital campaigns to advance a business.

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Joe Martin is a long-time contributor in the tech industry as a leader at Adobe, CMO of CloudApp, and SVP at Scorpion. With his business and marketing degress from Utah and Stanford and his work in tech he brings a unique balance of strategy and execution to help businesses large and small grow.

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