Want to Increase Instagram Followers? Here Are Some Awesome Tips for You

The digital era has finally set in, and most people depend on the internet to take care of their daily activities. Access to high speed cellular and Wi-Fi internet connectivity laid the foundation for the unprecedented growth of the virtual sector.

Apart from acquiring knowledge, the internet enables people to get in touch with one another.

The desire to stay connected in the virtual realm gave birth to social networking sites. Recent reports confirm that Facebook enjoys the support of 2.4 billion users.

More than one million users actively use WhatsApp. These figures indicate that one in three individuals has an account on one or more social networking sites.

Instagram is another contender and is rather popular with teens and young adults. Reports highlight that people below the age of 25 years prefer to stay hooked on Instagram. Around 93% of teens and young adults in America use Instagram.

They can share posts, images, and videos. When asked, Instagram users pointed out that lack of bots and access to Insta Stories make it better than Facebook.

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Instagram and Revenue Generation

There are no additional points for predicting that social media accounts can rope in substantial revenue. Instagram users can monetize their accounts and earn big bucks. However, revenue generation depends on specific criteria.

An Instagram user needs a certain number of followers to command an online presence. Apart from this, Instagram influencers can earn by doing sponsored advertisements.

Affiliate marketing via Instagram account can make the cash register ringing. Apart from this, one can sell a license for videos and images. Before this, the Instagram user must establish his/her footing and create a brand that can attract target clients.

Online promotion experts highlight that using videos as an Instagram marketing strategy provides better results. so, it is safe to say that more followers mean better chances of revenue generation on Instagram.

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8 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram influencers need support from followers. Thus, they must take the necessary measures to boost the number of followers. Here are ten ways, which can assist you in accomplishing this task:

1. Offer Quality Content

The primary aim of an Instagram influencer is to entertain his/her followers. However, irrelevant content can hinder your growth. One must understand what requirements of the followers.

Top-notch and informative content will educate and entertain followers. It will encourage existing followers to share posts or videos. Such action can pave the path for more followers.

Experts opine that serving quality content is the best way to get more followers on Instagram.

2. Post content regularly

Instagram enthusiasts want new updates. If you want to gain more followers, you must maintain a constant presence on the platform. It takes time and significant efforts to gain a footing on social networking sites.
However, one mistake can pave the path for your downfall. Prolonged and frequent absence from Instagram is one such shortcoming that social media influencers must avoid at all costs.

Digital marketing experts suggest that one must post content on the Instagram account consistently. It keeps you relevant, and the followers get the message that you will offer content soon.

Consistency wins the support of new followers and keeps the loyalty of existing followers intact.

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3. Live Videos and Stories

Earlier, Instagram was an image sharing platform. The developers soon realized that a single facility would mar the growth and business prospects. Thus, they added new features like live videos, audio-visual content, and Insta-stories.

Brands can increase their exposure and create a loyal client base by utilizing these facilities. Audio-visual content is more engaging than images. Live videos enable Instagram users to stay at the top of Insta-Stories feed. 57% of business organizations have already recorded a positive engagement with stories. These initiatives will boost your Instagram following adeptly.

4. Appropriate use of hashtags

Bloggers commonly use hashtags to enhance their reach. Only Instagram uses hashtags diligently. Proper selection and placement of hashtags give more visibility.

You can rest assured that the image or post will reach the target clients. It can compel the audiences to follow the hashtag and the account holder. In turn, this trick ropes in more followers.

5. Participating in online dialogues

Once you have garnered the attention of target clients with hashtags, you can trigger a relevant conversation. You can take part in worthy conversations, which are brewing in someone else’s account.

Respect the opinion of the others, and place your comments subtly. It will bring you up in front of new audiences. If your comments impress these Instagram users, you will get more followers.

6. Present the best profile

Instagram users desire to associate with the best influencers. wondering how to get more Instagram followers? A thorough cleaning of the profile will help your cause.

Instagram enthusiasts know that it is impossible to delete tagged images or posts. Irrelevant images and negative posts can mar your reputation. However, one can select the “Hide from profile” option to mask such items.

7. Account Optimization

SEO experts stress the importance of proper optimization of the content. Lack of optimization can hinder your efforts to reach out to and gain more followers.

Invest time to create the perfect Instagram bio for the profile.
The bio and captions for images make it easy for the target audiences to get to your profile. IG links also play an essential role in Instagram profile optimization.

8. Refrain from deceiving genuine followers

Instagram users want to influence others to follow them. Some even use questionable measures to attract more followers. Amassing fake followers is one such activity.

However, the Instagram algorithm will detect and clear fake comments and likes. It will discourage genuine followers from associating with the Instagram account holder.


These are some of the common tips and tricks, which will impact your Instagram follower count positively. You can access various articles and blogs, which shed more light on this topic.

In case you fail to get a firm grip on this, you can get in touch with the experts. A professional social media marketing expert will be able to evaluate the profile and highlight the loopholes.

The specialist can offer sound solutions to eliminate these hindrances. Your Instagram account will flourish with more followers once you implement the remedial measures.

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