7 Best Email Finding Tools in 2021

Whether it’s business or personal, email is the definitive medium of modern communication, especially if you’re working in sales, recruitment, or marketing. One email could be all it takes for you to secure the next star hire at your business, or establish a lifetime connection with a future customer. However, you need a working email address if you want to embark on these relationships.

Many people have multiple email addresses, or ones they don’t use anymore, so finding verified email addresses can often prove to be a real headache.

The good news is that there’s a plethora of different tools available to help you track down the email addresses you need. We’ve tried and tested some of the best offerings on the market to come up with a list of the best email finding tools on offer in 2021 to help make it easier than ever to form valuable new connections.

1. Huntier.io

If you’re working in B2B sales and need help getting in contact with potentially valuable accounts, Hunter.io is a pretty useful resource. Just input the domain name of the company in question and you’ll return a comprehensive list of any email addresses linked to the business.

Hunter.io offers a free service that allows you to make up to 100 “requests” every month. The “request” in question is a single use of either the email finder, domain search, or email address verification service. If you upgrade to the Starter plan for $39 dollars per month you can make up to 1,000 “requests” every month.

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Hunter.io also lets you export results as CSV files which you can easily integrate with your existing marketing and lead management platforms.

2. SignalHire

Email address finders can be tremendously useful for recruitment purposes when you want to bypass platforms like LinkedIn so that you can get in touch with a prospect directly. SignalHire makes this process easy, thanks to an innovative search system and plenty of useful features.

The Chrome extension lets you search by standard contact details like name, address, and company. However, what’s really useful is that SignalHire also searches through backlinks to private social media accounts to help find details and keywords about person beyond the basic details that they’ve put on their profile page.

This means prospective employers and talent hunters can find prospects with more specific skill sets and specializations that other services might miss.

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All contact emails are verified by third-party services, so you don’t have to worry about chasing dead ends or dormant email accounts trying to get hold of the person you need to contact.

3. Vocus

This Chrome extension is useful if you want to use Gmail integration to power your lead generation.

Once you enter a person’s name and business domain, a list of verified emails is generated for you to browse through. Unfortunately, Vocus doesn’t offer any bulk search features, but it works okay for targeted searches. You can try the service for free with a 30 day trial that lets you complete three searches a day.

A basic paid subscription will cost $5 per month for 20 searches a day and 100 daily email validations, so, again, perhaps not the best service if you’re anticipating completing a high volume of searches on a regular basis.

4. Toofr

Toofr allows you to search for emails by name or by company, which is useful if you’re not sure of a business’s specific domain details. It’s algorithm ranks results by confidence, which can prove time-saving when you’re looking for a very specific email address.

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A free trial gives you 30 credits to search with, and using an extra credit lets you access more information such as job titles, profile URLs and headshots. A paid subscription starts at $19 per month for 1,000 monthly credits. You can use the service through a Chrome extension, and there are import/export options available for bulk contact processing.

5. Find That

Find That is an email finder with a global scope that trawls through millions of company domains to return results ranked according to confidence. One thing that’s fairly useful about Find That is that you can follow the sources of the email addresses to see where the service pulled them from.

This Chrome extension is available for free with 50 search credits offered on a monthly basis and 100 verifications available. Paying for the starter plan for $29 per month offers 1,000 verifications and 250 searches every month.

6. Voila Norbet

This popular service is much the same as many other email address finders that we’ve mentioned. You can search for business emails by name and domain, and all email addresses are verified.

One of the nice things about Voila Norbert is that it won’t charge you credits for a search if it doesn’t return any results. A free account offers you 50 searches for free every month, while a paid subscription for $49 per month offers 1,000 successful monthly searches.

7. Uplead

If you’re looking for bulk lead generation for marketing purposes, Uplead is a service that’s worth considering. It lets you browse through a database of more than 55 million contacts to return leads which you can then filter by more than 50 different search parameters.

Once you’ve rounded up all the relevant contacts, you can download their verified email addresses in bulk and integrate them into your marketing platform of choice.

A free account gets you a paltry 5 credits, so you’ll probably want to pick a paid subscription that can offer up to 1,500 search credits per month and begin at $99 per month. There’s also a pay-as-you-go choice if you don’t want to be tied to a subscription.


Whether you are a marketer or recruiter, email finder tools allow you to pursue leads with speed and precision that can make the difference when you’re trying to stay ahead of the competition.

Many of these email finder extensions also offer their own particular sets of special features that could prove more to your liking. Fortunately, most of them offer some sort of free trial, so take advantage of these to help you figure out which service will best suit your needs.

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