7 Ways in which you can buy Amazon Reviews Legally 2024

If you are a seller on amazon, you would know how important it is to get reviews if you want to sell your product. If you want to get positive reviews on your product to sell it then I would say it is a great strategy for your business.

This will defiantly give your selling business a boost and will also improve your ranking on Amazon. If you want to know how you can get those reviews then you have to read the whole article to know the best possible ways.

3 legal ways to get buy amazon verified reviews:

1. Use of Forums to buy Reviews:

Use of Forums

You will have to go on the web and search for different forums with large groups that suit your interest. Reddit would be a good option for you because it consists of a large no. of subreddits which are created by the people who are using its bases on their interest. All the different groups have a specific topic for their discussion.

The thing you have to do here is, try to participate actively in these forums so that you can build your own rapport. After that, you can post about your product in these groups which will surely help you to improve your sales and also help you gain positive reviews.

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2. Building a List of Emails:

You can build a list of emails, it is hard I would say and also will take a lot of your time. But once you are done and you have got sufficient no. of email addresses, you can do the marketing of your product through these emails.

For this, you can email each and every person on present on this list and offer them something in exchange for promoting your product. You can also give your subscribers some kind of special offers and also any kind of discount.

You will need a website of your own for doing the same. You can follow the same process for other social media websites like twitter.

3. Taking Advantage of the Customer Service:

Customer Service

You can use the Application program interface on Amazon. You can get tools so that you can dispatch emails automatically. It will give you an opportunity by which you can maximize almost any order and also persuade each and every customer so that they can give your product a good review. Overall the automatic emails can be categorized into 3 categories.

The 1st email will give you a reminder for your shipment. The 2nd one will give you a reminder for your delivery. The 3rd one will give you the best regards for the item that is delivered to you. This will give you a good opportunity so that you can you ask the person to drop a review for your product.

You can give a boost so that you can get the no. of reviews increased and this will also decrease the chances of the negative reviews that can come on your product.

5 ways in which you can buy Reviews on Amazon (but I would not recommend these)

1. Amazon Review Trader Services

You can purchase as much get reviews as you want to buy this process.  The best part about these review services is you can get a huge amount of reviews in almost no time.

This method is a bit risky but I would say it is one of the least risky methods. If we compare the pricing of this service with others than I would say it is on the quite expensive side.

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2. Coupon codes and deals:

There are many websites which will give you one of the best services to their customers. There are some websites such as RetailMeNot, Groupon, (FatWallet shutting down), and also Living Social among all the others. First of all, you will get yourself registered before you can post anything about your products by giving those people some discounts so that you can get reviews.

These websites are going to charge you some fees, the overall success rate of their service I higher as compared to the posts that you create on forums and it will also require very less time.

Amazon is one such website that might ban the use of these types of websites. There is a chance that you might be asked to promote the tools of them and to become a member of them. After doing all that you will be allowed to display the deals of your own over there.

3. Find reviewers in the Facebook groups:

There are many groups that are present on Facebook where you can find reviewers. Do process before buying Amazon Reviews Legally, First of all, you will have to join a group with a similar interest that you are looking for. You will easily find any group which is filled with product reviewers and also with sellers.

Most of the reviewers that are present in these groups will ask for a free product from you or will ask you for a good discount for the product. It is one of the best ways by which you can get reviews easily within no time. There are usually 2 methods by which you can achieve this.

One of the methods is to post a message yourself in these groups and wait till someone sees your message and finally reply to your message.

Other method is that you can ask the admins to recommend your message and exchange you will give them some money.

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4. You can request Freelancers to Review your Product:

There was a time when you could buy some reviews by using some of the freelancing platforms such as Fiverr. This was one of the most affordable methods as it would cold only $5 for a review.

Once Amazon got to know about this, they decided to end all this and it is not at all possible to do. It is a strategy which is very efficient but at the same time it is very risky too and it does not have a very good success rate now.

Google has also cracked down this method and all of the businesses that were using these methods to buy reviews have been sued by Google.

5. Asking friends and family to get a review –

One of the easiest ways to get more reviews is to ask your friends and family members to give your product a review. Everyone within your circle will agree to it, therefore it is the most efficient and easiest method of them all. The problem here is that your account could be at risk because Amazon’s guidelines say that you cannot ask you, friends, and family members, to give your product a review. You can still do it but if you get caught then your account may get banned.

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Conclusion –

You can try all of the methods that we have mentioned in our article to get reviews and expand your business.

There are many other ways by which you can get reviews but there is no Amazon Review Service provided by Amazon where you can pay for Amazon reviews or buy Amazon verified reviews. If you know a better way on how to get Amazon reviews then you can mention it in the comments down below.

Overall if you like the article on my Amazon review or you have any suggestions for us then please let us know in the comments down below.