How To Use Camel Camel Camel Chrome Extension (Complete Guide)


First of all let me tell you what camelcamelcamel really is. Camelcamelcameil is tool which you can use to track the prices of the products on the Amazon and most importantly it is completely free to use. You can easily receive the alerts as well as create the alerts which will indicate the drop in the price of the products that you want to monitor. All of these alerts that you want to get delivered to you will be delivered via RSS feed, Twitter and even email.

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Feature of the tool camelcamelcamel

  • If you want to get the history charts of the prices than you can use this tool as it contains all the information that you need related to the product and about the variation in the prices of the product that occur over time.
  • It also consists of an add-on for your chrome Browser also for the firebox to make it easier for you look into the price history charts that you need. You don’t even need to leave the page of the product to do that. The chrome extension is also known as the Camelizer.
  • This tool is supported in many countries which include Germany, US, Italy, japan, UK and many more.
  • It is completely up to you that you want to get registered on their website or not. You even need to give your email address to get started and also you can also add the watch for price drop alerts on the RSS feed newsreader you have.
  • If you get yourself registered on their website than you can get the access to Wish list importer tool and also the Camel Amazon Management and also the email alerts.
  • There is also a management interface for the camel price watch. With their access to that you will get the price watches, you get a price table for the watch plus for many products.camel camel camel chrome

How you can use CamelCamelCamel

Here we have a price history chart for CamelCamelCamel.  You get the options to:

  • data of Amazon (green)

  • 3rdparty for new (blue)

  • 3rdparty for used (red)

camel camel camel chrome

Here you can click on the key that is present in the right so that you can remove or also you can add the line in your graph. You can also select different months to different years and all of the period that you are trying to explore.

If you want to see the current price, the lowest price, the highest price and also the average price also at what date these prices were set than you can use this graph. There is also a list available over there with the 6 changes in the price and also when the changes were made. All of this data is easily scanned and do allow you to make a good judgment about the difference in the price range and make a guess that when it is going to fall any lower than that.

There is a camelcamelcamel extension which is provided by the website which is called Camelizer. They give you a good history of the price of any product that you are looking at without even moving anywhere from the page you are at. You just have simply click on the link which says watch this product and you will get the history of the product in the graph format.

It very simple to use the tool camel camel camel chrome and you can learn to use it in few minutes; the interface of the tool is very clean and also very simple to understand. This tool will sure help you to minimize the amount of the research you had to do manually and with the help of this tool; you surely can become a good FBA seller.

There is also a similar tool to camelcamelcamel and that is Keepa.

What is keepa

camelcamelcamel extension

This is an application which is very similar to camelcamelcamel. Let me tell you what this app offers –

  • This tool will give you the historical graphs for the drops of the price.
  • The price drops that occur are also available in the form of alerts.
  • You can easily get the overview of the recent drops in the price on
  • This tool updates constantly about the data base of the product.
  • This tool usually monitors more than 200 million products only in the US and more than 40 million products in the Germany and the UK.
  • This tool supports Amazon sites all over the world.
  • Here also it’s completely up to you If you want to get yourself registered or not.
  • Here also you get the extension for the Chrome and also for the Firefox and get a historical graph for the rice that is displayed directly on each and every page where Amazon product is displayed.

Overall I would say both the tools are really good and it’s completely up to you which one you want to use. The choice of the tool differs from person to person. Both the tools offers similar services and also similar features, both of them have very clean interface and also have really fast results.


camelcamelcamel chrome

So this was the complete review of the tool camelcamelcamel.  There are many features which will surely help you to become a good Amazon seller such as the camelcamelcamel chrome extension.

Overall if you are a seller on the Amazon and are using any other tool for the similar kind of service than you can mention it in the comments down below. If you are new to this business and you are looking for a good tool for these services than I would surely recommend you this tool.

I hope you liked the article and if you have any suggestions or any query than you can mention them in the comments down below.

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