10 Best Overclocking Software Work for *CPU/GPU/RAM* in 2024


The Majority of the GPUs and CPUs from the companies that offer optimum speed config along with accredited certification from the makers. using the computers with such a threshold of speed with perfect cooling makes sure that the systems without any further hindrances. Cpu overclocking software has always been first on the to-get list of computing experts.

Nevertheless, the minimal clock rate offered by the company is usually more than what will be needed. To get going with the computer with the predefined speed capping along with precise cooling makes sure that the computer in the absence of platforms.

Although the usual clock rate offered by the company is higher than what the company is something near the topmost limit of the usual GPU and CPU limit of threshold and performance. There always is left some more room which could be used for performance upliftment. This is exactly where the need for overclocking walks in.

What is overclocking?

The process of overclocking can be described as the configuration of getting a better and much higher clock rate. Usually amidst the computer BIOS.  While getting this done it forces the GPU and CPU to juggle with countless tasks per second. Hence improving the speed of the computer’s processors.

As it makes the performance of the computer even better hence avoiding the extra heat creates a reliability and longevity risk to processors.

So here are some of the best overclocking software.

1. MSI Afterburner

Get Here: https://www.msi.com/

The MSI Afterburner is a primary GPU overclocking modern tool popular amidst the overclocking geeks which offer over dozens of features to its users. Let’s say it offers a remarkable and highly in-depth report in detail of the hardware.

Not surprising that it works quite well with all hardware and software in the market. Additionally, the free overclocking application offers users complete control of graphics on the UI. The UI comes with real-time temperature, clock, usage of GPU and speed.

An additional attribute is the custom fan creation of a profile to maintain a balance between the performance and heat of the system. Hence been called as the best overclocking software.

2. AMD Overdrive

Get Here: https://www.amd.com/

AMD Overdrive is no doubt one of the most popular overclocking apps available in the market. As it comes fitted with the capability to modify and super tune computers and its memory.

The application has a detailed approach to overclock systems. Overclocking the RAMS with the application comes with a preset configuration and memory fuels which assist in upgrading the DDR3 performance.

On the contrary, the CPU overclocking apps come with an automatic overclocking and tuning feature on system functionalities. Most importantly the utility lets a user to closely monitor the memory timing, voltage, along with the memory clock of the system. Therefore the ideal overclock software in the list.

3. EVGA Precision X 16

Get Here: https://www.evga.com/precisionx/

Precision X16 is the most recent one that was rolled out boasting the long line and high performance overclocking GPU app from EVGA. As of now, it is built on top-notch overclocking applications that come from reputed software developers known for making the most innovative apps of all time.

The Precision X16 is very unique and is intended for graphic fine-tuning with Voltage, GPU and control over memory. The application is designed for extended support for Microsoft Directx 12 API.

Additional features come with personalized fan control and carve, RGB color support, OSD interface with about 10 profiles that use Pixel overclocking, hotkeys, and so on. So if you ever need GPU overclocking software this is the best pick.

4. CPU-Z

Get here: https://www.cpuid.com/

The CPU-Z is an open source app intended to monitor and profile system CPU, Motherboard, RAM, chipsets along with additional hardware elements. It can accumulate user memory and information, type, timing and module specs.

Most importantly with it monitoring the frequency, temperature, load, and speed of the system. Along with its capability, it is primarily used for documenting, monitoring, validating, clocking the system. So the most remarkable overclocking gpu software in the market that could be used.

5. GPU-Z This is an amazingly lightweight app with the capability to perform and monitor the graphics video card. In some parameters, the GPU-Z is perfect for tuning the Graphic vars along with the CPU-Z for memory and CPU despite the fact it was designed by 2 separate development teams.

The GPU-Z can offer extended support to the GPU brands like ATI, AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA letting the users validate and log the performance of their machine. The application comes with a simple and highly user-friendly UI with which it shows the vital information needed to understand the current system state.

The application has functionality for load testing which runs a check on the PCI configuration of Express Lane. So the wait is over as the best GPU overclocking software is here.

6. Nvidia Profile Inspector

Get here: https://github.com/

Nvidia overclock software is very popular. It is difficult to believe if someone says that they haven’t heard of NVIDIA. The Profile inspector from NVIDIA is a very lightweight application available for free. Hence also known as freeware. It was developed by third-party developers for tweaking GPUs falling in the range.

The application is just 130KB in size and has all the necessary features that a GPU user might need shortly to keep a track of the performance of their GPUs. This software on its own takes a read on the graphic card and lets the user create a great profile which may allow the users to enhance the present configuration.

The users according to them can reconfigure the frequency of GPU according to the requirement, Moreover, the users can enhance or decrease the speed of FAN to improve the computer speed.

7. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility & Desktop Control Center (Intel XTU)

Get here: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/

This one was designed and developed by Intel itself for the ones who are keen on overclocking the performance of the system, tuning in to see more and more insights into the CPUs. The overall performance of the CPU can make the performance much more enhanced.

As it’s more of a tuning app that lets the users overclock the systems. The program makes use of the system abilities which are usually needed in overclocking the overall performance and proprietary features of the hardware and software.

These are some of the intel products which are designed and developed to make the experience of the computer geeks more smooth.

8. AMD Ryzen Master

Get Here: https://www.amd.com/en/

A very popular name in the gamers world and among the ones who make different use of the computer other than what normal ones make do with it. The AMD Ryzen Master is a great software that is usually considered for performance and overclock tuning.

It is developed by AMD itself for making its products and services run faster. That being said the AMD GPUs and CPUs are a multiplier that is enabled by the application to enhance the overall performance of the AMD GPUs, CPUs, and memory (Ram Sticks).

While talking about the overclocking aspect of the hardware the application lets the user enhance or overclock the AMD GPU and AMD CPU cores for enhanced performance.

At last, the utility comes along with the capability of monitoring every aspect of the computer hardware. Hence giving the users a great detailed report of the information on the clock rate of every core, its temperature, and so on.

Hence allowing a user to keep on every element that may slow down the computer system due to any reason.

9. CPU Tweaker 2.0

Get here: https://www.freewarefiles.com/

A great software while being a very lightweight ideal for the tuning software. Apart from just being compact and lightweight, it is very powerful when it comes to speed improvement and processor performance enhancement and optimization of the system process.

The application lets a user enhance the timing of the memory of the CPU with a combined controller for the memory of the computer. The other additional highlights of the software are VCore and VDimm as it is known for the remarkable monitoring for the User interface. While keeping it lag-free and offering the best performance.

On the other hand, it is very important to understand that it is a great tool that is not just an incredible tool for overclocking. But it is a great one to get a hang of as it is not tough to get used to it. It was however not developed, designed to optimize the overclocking CPU or performance fine enhancement tuning.

10. MemSet

Get here: https://www.freewarefiles.com/

Here’s the last one but not the least as it is very lightweight in size but very potent in its area of functionality. It is known for the system memory tweaking only. This application can switch the memory timing in perfect intervals and enhance the performance to suit better any kind of processor apps running on the system or sitting in the background.

However, it is not just powerful it is free of cost. Hence it is powerful, free, and easy to use the software. One just needs to be a little knowledgeable on the part of overclocking and optimization so to use it efficiently.

End of the Line

Above mentioned were some of the best overclocking software and apps that could make the computing experience over and above average. No matter how perfect or greatly configured a system is.

It will always have a backlog or something that may avert it from using its full potential. The above-mentioned best ram overclocking software can help the users go ahead and bypass that hindrance hence offering pure computing, gaming, geek experience.

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