Here’s What To Ask Your SEO Consultant Before Hiring Them

SEO or Search Engine Operation has become the mantra of any online business’s success. Whether you are a standalone start-up or a giant enterprise, your business needs SEO to show up on the first page of search results on various search engines.

Not only this, SEO helps to invite traffic to your business website. All these practices lead to increased brand awareness, higher sales, and huge profits. 

You can hire an SEO consultant or company to help your website with the concerned SEO strategy. But do you know hiring the best local SEO consultants is not an easy choice?

Many factors come into play that can either make or break the online presence of your website. As SEO happens to be a long-term investment, it is crucial to choose a consultant to sustain an extensive relationship. 

Fret not; you can get in touch with the best SEO service by interviewing them with the following questions: 

What are the common SEO strategies that you use to deliver results? 

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t work on one particular rule or strategy. Several approaches are used by the consultants in one way or the other. Some professionals concentrate on the technical aspects such as metrics, website structure, website speed, etc.; others put their focus on the factors like navigation, keyword optimization, and creation of optimized content. 

All these approaches are valid and work with full efficacy. You can ask the SEO consultant about the most-suited strategy for your business.

You may as well inquire about the challenges that your website might face after the application of said strategies.

How long will I have to wait to see the best results?

Search Engine Optimization cannot lead to overtime success. The process takes time to achieve desired results.

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However, that should not prevent the experienced SEO consultant from giving you a time frame of the best results. Therefore, asking this question is a must. 

You can expect to witness the best results from the SEO techniques within six months of starting it. The possibility of success also depends upon the overall health of your website.

If your consultant is constantly working on correcting loopholes, the results can be seen earlier than expected. 

Do you have a sound mobile approach? 

Do not forget to include the mobile website as a part of your conversation while appointing an SEO consultant. Stats suggest that more than 40 percent of users have switched to mobile while surfing different websites and online platforms.

Missing out on optimizing your mobile website using the right SEO strategy can take a toll on your online business. 

Look for a consultant that can conduct a mobile audit for your site. Choose a professional that can execute the best SEO strategy for your business while keeping your mobile site into consideration. 

What are the common tools you use for SEO? 

It is one of the important questions to ask while appointing an SEO consultant. Learning about the tools that any professional uses while designing an SEO strategy lets you know the importance of such a tool for your business.

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Legitimate SEO consultants use a variety of tools in conducting audits and completing their tasks. 

You can gather information about the tools by asking questions like what do they use to monitor rankings, how do they conduct competitor analysis, what do they use to access the backlinks, what type of crawler do they use, etc., 


Search Engine Optimization is a complex field. It is not a random DIY project that you can perform for your website to increase its online presence. You need to get in touch with a professional who not only understands your business but designs the right strategy to apply to the same. By asking the above-listed questions, you can get in touch with the best professional.

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