Macs are not as safe as you think. Here are all the reasons why you need a VPN on your Mac

Yes, it’s true. It would help if you had a VPN for your Mac because Macs aren’t as safe as you think. Now, you must be thinking, why is that so? Mac, or any Apple device, is known to offer the best technology and premium security.

The claim that hackers most likely don’t try to breach Mac or any other Apple device is also valid.

But are you this sure that it’s never going to happen? With ever-evolving technology and malware creators becoming more powerful each day, one can only hope and pray that it doesn’t happen to their Mac.

Instead of just risking your privacy and going with the flow, you should take preventive measures against it. A Mac user can easily do it by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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Using a VPN will ensure no one can track your online activities. You can check out some secure free VPN services for Mac if you’re unwilling to spend money on it, or you can buy a premium VPN service if you please. 

But first, let’s dig into what a VPN can actually do:

Why do you need a VPN for Mac?

Once you know what a VPN does, you get a slight idea of what it can do for your Mac. But to be clear, let’s list down all the advantages a VPN can offer for your Mac:

1. Encrypted traffic:

A VPN will encrypt all your traffic and let you have a secure connection over the internet. What a VPN does is that it creates a tunnel between you and the websites you visit and does not let anyone snoop on what you’re doing. When this happens, you can easily access any website you list without even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the government snooping in.

2. Safe use of public wifis:

Your Mac can be the safest device to use over public wifi if you use a VPN on it. As mentioned above, a VPN doesn’t let anyone snoop in or collect any data from you.

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While all your devices are highly vulnerable to use over public wifi, a VPN makes them completely safe and does not let anyone monitor your personal information to use it against you. 

3. Hide your IP address:

You can mask your IP address on your Mac using a VPN. A VPN will remove traces of your original location and IP and alter it with an IP address of its own.

So, when you visit websites that collect cookies, they are unable to collect your actual location and collect the one that the VPN offers to it.

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This way, your location remains private, websites do not sell your data to third parties, and you do not get personalized, targeted ads based on your location and collected data. Sounds super cool, right?

4. Bypassing geo-restrictions:

The fourth advantage of a VPN for Mac is that you can use it to bypass geo-restrictions and stream anything you like. For example, you can easily access geo-restricted streaming services of your choice on your Mac. It’s a great tool to access popular streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer or DAZN. 

5. Avoiding data breaches:

One final advantage we’re listing down for having a VPN on your Mac is that it can help you avoid all data breaches. If you use your Mac for work, then there is a possibility that a lot of data is already stored on your device. With a more significant amount of data comes greater responsibility to protect it from all data breaches. 

A VPN will keep your data completely safe and away from all monitoring and tracking. This is one effective way to avoid data breaches. As the world has become more tech-savvy with time, data breaches have spiked with it. Businessmen had already predicted massive amounts of data breaches in 2021. According to cybersecurity predictions by Forbes, a whopping 55% executives of enterprises have decided to increase their cybersecurity budgets in 2021, while around 51% of them have decided to acknowledge the need for cybersecurity workers and include them as full-time workers on their teams.

To prevent this and to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of any mass data breach incident, you need to use a VPN to stay protected at all costs.

What VPN works best for Mac?

Most premium VPNs work great with a majority of the devices present, including a Mac. They offer the best user-friendly app for all Mac users. These VPNs are:

1. ExpressVPN:

One premium VPN is ExpressVPN that offers over 3000 servers in 94 countries. This VPN can unblock geo-restrictions within a minute with its fast speeds. It also offers five simultaneous connections and can unblock any website or streaming service you like.

ExpressVPN has the best security features that most VPNs don’t offer. Features such as military-grade encryption, kill switch, no-logs, and more are all offered by ExpressVPN.

2. NordVPN:

Another top VPN that offers the best speeds and 5500+ servers is NordVPN. This VPN offers a super-speedy connection and premium features to help you stay unidentified over the internet. 

You can use this VPN’s highly secure encryption protocols to stay completely anonymous on the web. This VPN also has the ability to unblock geo-restrictions so you can binge on your favorite shows easily on Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer or on any other streaming platform.

3. Surfshark:

One last VPN that works great with Mac and all other devices is Surfshark. Surfshark is an affordable VPN that offers premium features at low prices. With a server network of 3200+, one can access any site using Surfshark.

Surfshark also offers unlimited connections on a single account, so you can use this service on all your devices along with your Mac. 


If you care about your online privacy and security, you shouldn’t rely on the protection Mac promises and opt for a VPN service. With all the reasons why a VPN is essential, the only thing left for you is to check out the list of VPNs mentioned above and subscribe to any one of them for ultimate privacy and protection.

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